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DL4 power
by ihate100bees on 2011-01-31 21:11:54.4170

I called Voodoo Labs technical support, and they told me that the DL4 actually only draws 200ma, NOT the amount written on the DL4 power supply. They also told me, that their Pedal Power 2, and 2 Plus units, are DC, and not AC... and that "anything" that is 200ma and reverse polarity, should be fine and not burn it out over in time. I know that you don't "endorse" any other power supplies other than the Voodoo lab stuff but... iss this information true or false that they told me? I keep getting people dance around this question. Their units are no where near the ma's that the line 6 power supply is, and also their units are DC and not AC.Is the information they shared with me, correct?


RE: DL4 power
by darealagentp on 2011-02-01 16:03:38.0590

The DL4 actually uses closer to 1200mA of current. The PX2 AC power supply is capable of providing 2000mA of current, but the DL4 (or any PX2 compatible device) will only take what it needs.

DL4's are not DC-powered devices. There is no fixed polarity on the center tip (AC = alternating current from negative to positive).

The official answer from us (in terms of making sure you get the most out of your DL4 without running the risk of potential damage to it) is to use a power strip and the PX2 power supply we offer. Boss pedals are DC powered devices. Our 4-Button Stomps are not. They do in actuality require more than 250mA of current at 9V AC.



Re: RE: DL4 power
by ihate100bees on 2011-02-01 22:32:26.5750

Thanks for your reply. So with the information you gave me... why, does Line 6 only endorse the use of Voodoo Labs Pedal Power untis? They are DC voltage onlyand not A/C, and not capable of the miliamps you said that was needed, not even by jumping 2 souces at once. Can you explain this, as they do not have the same view. All you have to do is look at the specs for a Pedal Power 2, or 2 plus, and they are not what the DL4 calls for, yet Line 6 says it's ok? I don't understand.

Thanks again.

Re: RE: DL4 power
by darealagentp on 2011-02-03 13:47:00.0740

I am familiar with the Pedal Power Plus, yes, as well as the specs printed online.

  My answer to you is one that came from conferring with a Line 6 service technician who has more electrical component background than I do.

  There are variable resistors and filter mechanisms in the Voodoo Lab power distribution device, most likely. It will distribute power according to the loads tapping it (whatever pedals you might have connect to the various power outlet ports). I cannot personally confirm this, as I've never opened up one of the Pedal Power Plus devices.

  I've known plenty of fellow musicians who've used the Voodoo Lab PP+ with a DL4 and other pedals for years without issue. If you're seeking the comfort or reassurance that it will work, personal experience would support that.

  However, as an employee of Line 6 I am require to make sure you're aware of the DL4's design in terms of power requirements. This is why the official response from us is to recommend the usage of the PX2 to ensure guaranteed behavior/results for AC power supply.

  I personally like Voodoo Lab products as a musician. For years, I had a Ground Control/GCX system, so I can vouch on behalf of their product quality. But as far as me explaining the technical aspects of the PP+ system, I cannot (I don't work for them nor do I have technical knowledge of the internal layout of those power distribution devices).

  But the fact remains: DL4's either use internal batteries or a Line 6 PX2 power supply as far as our company stance goes.



Re: RE: DL4 power
by ihate100bees on 2011-02-03 15:04:47.9220

Thanks Perry for your reply. I understand your position with the company, and I'm sure there are many things that users are not familiar with as far as the detail design that is within the DL4 units. The biggest thing that I was not understanding, is how Line 6 can say that the ONLY other power supply that they endorse for the use of the DL4, was the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ( I have the PP2 not the plus model...), yet when you look at the their units and what they tell us their specs are... it was different enough to baffle me why Line 6 makes this claim, that they are safe for DL4's. As I'm sure you are awre of the limitations of large PS units for us "pedal guys". I think the main thing here is that we all would just like some confidence on other choices of supply units. Sometimes an alternative method needs be to applied for us to even purchase, the pedal. Personally, of what I know to be true... is that The Pedal Power units are 9 volts in "normal" position, and not any higher, unless the dip switches are flipped on a particular source, or 2 sources are run together. They are also "regulated" power units, so the voltage can not go any higher. Line 6 adapters say 9.9 volts... but VL units are 9 volts? But with the approval of Line 6 for these units, Ithen I have to think that I'll be safe at 9 volts. On the pedal Power units, outputs 5 & 6 can output more milliamps than any of the other sources. In any case, they recomend to run the DL4 on output 5 or 6, with the dip switch in "normal" (9 volt) selection. Anyways, thanks for giving me the information you shared in my Thead and I will consider it as I look for an alternative power supply.  Thanks.

Re: DL4 power
by heyniceguy on 2011-02-08 15:13:54.4880

Ok. Here's what's up.

The DL-4, as designed, expects a 9VAC signal, which is non-polarized at the jack. At the power input of the DL-4 is a rectifier/filter that turns the 9VAC into 6VDC. That 6VDC line is tapped to the battery line, which is 4 D batteries (4 * 1.5VDC per battery = 6VDC). That 6VDC is used to generate all the operating voltages within the unit (6VDC, 3.3VDC, 6.6VDC, and 5VDC). Notice that what makes the DL4 REALLY work are all DC voltages.

Now wouldnt it be nice if we could use a DC supply from our VDL Pedal Power to bypass that rectifier circuit? Pay attention.

Diode rectifier/filter circuits CAN accept a DC signal with no damage to the circuit. The rectifier circuit will just simply pass the DC signal (with a voltage drop because of the forward drop of the rectifier diodes). It will rectify an already-rectified signal. Because of the diode voltage drop, you have to feed it a slightly higher DC voltage to get the same output as you would with an AC voltage. That's why the VDL PP has a dip switch to up the DC voltage from 9V to something higher (12-14VDC, lets just say 12VDC for this argument). But because you are using a DC supply now, polarity matters! And in the case of this circuit, it must be center-positive to prevent from reverse biasing the semiconductors and blowing them up.

As far as current draw goes, a circuit will only draw what it needs. So most ratings are given as a maximum expected current draw times some safety factor (usually 50%). So in a worst case scenario, a circuit will draw 100mA, so a designer may recommend a 150mA rated adapter.

That said, you have 2 ways to power a DL4: 9VAC or 12VDC. Remember, AC and DC power draws are measured differently. Straight DC voltage is able to supply more current than an equivalent VAC supply. So at 12VDC, it may only require a max of 200mA, but at 9VAC it may require 1200mA. That's why the VDL guy and the DL4 guy give you different current draw ratings. Also, they both may be assuming 2 different safety factors!

When youre comparing electrical power, you have to make sure youre talking the same voltage levels, voltage types, load, etc. It happens all the time in pro-audio. A car stereo maker will take a peak to peak VAC measurement across some frequency range into a 16ohm speaker and calculate power from that. A tube amp maker will take it from an RMS measurement over a different freq range in an 8ohm speaker. And then the listener wonders why a 200W car stereo is no where NEAR as loud as a 100W tube amp.

Re: DL4 power
by heikura on 2011-07-20 12:04:46.5090

Very helpful text, heyniceguy!

Could DL4 handle 12V AC output with 500 mA (as stated in T-Rex Fuel Tank manual).

There is 8 pieces of 9VDC outputs too in it but I can figure the noise if I switch the polarity of one pedal. Or would there be any (ground loop) noise? Hmm!

Re: DL4 power
by heikura on 2011-07-21 00:13:59.6770

Oops! Better reading, better life: heyniceguy just wrote that it is 12 V DC, not AC.

And the Fuel Tank has a 12 VDC output with 500 mA and isolated ground, so I can flip the polarity without noises!

Re: DL4 power
by steveraylaboga on 2012-09-15 09:17:41.3670

Hello I have a 9 volts power supply of 2500 mA for running the DL4 is it dangerous for the DL4?

Thank you

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