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Pod hd fx only hookup - reprise
by axus73 on 2013-01-22 04:57:51.2770

Hi guys ..


I changed my old blackstar head to an advance tube head with valve fx loop, switch parallel/serial and send return level knobs...this should give all things needed to use pod hd 500 as fx only the best possible.

My actual connection goes meanbobbo style

Guitar - amp front - amp fx send - HD guitar in - HD out - amp fx return (serial cos' I am using flanger fx block in pod patches)

Result feels stealing frequencies from original tube sound, and results somewhat muddy and lifeless to my ears.

So I thought maybe it's pod output settings  not really transparent (highs, lows and focus) or maybe wrong hookup for my specific situation.

I read that somebody, instead of running signal into HD guitar in, run it in aux or in hd' s fx return.

Expert users, do you think this is snake oil or could make a sensible better result in final tone.

And patches how should be tweaked for this very last connection?

Give me your thoughts!

Re: Pod hd fx only hookup - reprise
by phil_m on 2013-01-22 07:12:09.6940

You mentioned the high, low, and focus settings, so this makes me think you're using one of the "front" output modes. For effects only, you'd want to use Studio Direct.

Re: Pod hd fx only hookup - reprise
by axus73 on 2013-01-22 08:21:55.0560

I was using front stack output mode really...

And what about connection? Better using guitar in connection or pod's effects return?

Re: Pod hd fx only hookup - reprise
by phil_m on 2013-01-22 08:29:31.4590

Well, that's the wrong output mode to use for effects only. It will sound like crap.

As far as using the guitar in versus the effects return, I don't know. I suspect the difference between the two will be relatively minor. Having the output mode set to studio direct is the big thing.

Re: Pod hd fx only hookup - reprise
by bigolsparky on 2013-01-22 09:35:12.4820

Just to put my two cents in...what the OP appears to be looking for is a true bypass usage of the HD500 and to use it for effects only.  There are a few complications.

1. It is not practical to simulate true bypass with this device.  I have tried every suggestion, and none of them work and close doesn't count in the bedroom or studio, while it may be fine on the stage.  It really depends on the amp you are using is my best guess, but there is no one size fits all solution and the OP is correct.  With a high quality amp, attempting to simulate a signal that appears pure is maddening with the HD500.

2. Effects such as delays and delay related models sound better when run after the preamp and in the amp's effects loop while drive effects and some others sound better before the preamp.  I don't know much about the theory of the DT series amps and if they apply these  parameters, but I don't think you can apply them with a regular amp.  Especially if you are attached to the natural tube distortion that your amp creates.

That being said I still love this device as long as I run it though a clean amp and am having an effects loop added to my Granger amp to use delay related effects.  The tube distortion I get from that amp is freaking awesome and I hope to test it with the Line6 delay models, which in my opinion are the best I have heard for the price.

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