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what footswitch for ux2?
by pwilson2004 on 2012-03-26 18:14:55.8030

The ux2 has 2 jacks labeled 'footswitch' but nowhere can I find what these are for. Can anyone tell me?


Re: what footswitch for ux2?
by hulbert on 2012-03-27 10:37:05.8620

Hi Pwilson2004,

    I haven't tried it yet but this is for a 'momentary' footswitch that triggers midi messages to be sent to do things like change tones etc. in pod farm while you are playing.

The line 6 documentation has this to say :

"Footswitch Inputs - You can connect up to two on/off footswitches here and use the MIDI Control Settings dialog (within the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices panel) to configure the type of MIDI message transmitted. You can use most any available “momentary” or “sustain pedal” type footswitch that includes a 1/4 inch connector. The MIDI control messages are routed out the UX2 USB MIDI Out Port. This MIDI port is selectable within POD Farm 2 or your DAW or MIDI software to trigger the desired parameters."

"POD Studio and TonePort UX2, UX8 & KB37 devices include a USB MIDI driver that allows other Mac® or Windows® software applications to access “virtual” USB Line 6 MIDI In and Out ports. This allows you to send and receive MIDI control data to and from any MIDI or DAW software applications. These POD Studio & TonePort devices include Footswitch and/or Expression Pedal inputs that transmit MIDI control commands, allowing you to remotely control numerous functions within POD Farm 2, GearBox software and other applications. ........... You can configure the specific MIDI control messages these devices transmit from their controllers using the “MIDI Control Settings” application, found in the Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices - MIDI panel. The Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices utility is installed on your computer along with POD Farm 2, GearBox or Line 6 Device Driver installations (in the System Preferences on Mac® or in the Control Panel on Windows®). Please see the POD Studio & Tone Port MIDI Setup Guide for instructions on configuring these MIDI settings. "

In another place it says you can use somethings like the

Line 6 FBV™ MkII with some line 6 devices.

I do not think however if this can be used with the ux2.

Here is basically what it is ( although would be wired up in a box for foot control):

Some people discussed this topic on this page too:

Sorry for the title in the website link. The page though has some people explaining what they think might work.

Hope this helps a bit.


Re: what footswitch for ux2?
by mrbwa on 2012-11-04 05:27:04.6610

Hello , pwilson2004 

I'm currently using Line6 Pod Studio UX2 Device, with Zoom FS01 Footswitchs. They are perfectly working well.

Currently I connected only one Zoom FS01 footswitch to UX2 Footswitch 1.

My setup is For A/B Control. Than I can switch clean or Dirty tone.

setup is very easy and you can midi learn after setup

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