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I added an Effects Loop to my old AX2!
by KaZoom1618 on 2013-01-13 14:37:44

So I have an Line6 AX2 that I luv, but I got a looper for Xmas, and it's the one effect that the AX2 is missing...

Now if I place the looper between the guitar and AX2, the guitar is recorded 'clean' so that any effects that I set are applied to all loops as well as the live soloing. Not nice.

So I searched Google for 'line6 ax2 schematic'  - and to my surprise, I got a hit at:


Idownloaded the schematics, and wow - this is the easiest modification to make! I didn't even have to cut any traces - Line6 ran a multiwire jumper from the main board to the master volume pot break-out board that I can hack!

So the 'splice out' to a send/receive pair of 1/4" jacks can be made right on the cable that links up to the master volume pot.

Since the AX2 is in stereo (and my looper isn't) - I only spliced in to the Left channel - but with stereo jacks, you could splice both wire 1 and wire 4 just as easily.

I also used a 1/4" jack with a switched contact on the receive jack (it switches as you push in the plug) - so that the receive defaults to getting the 'shorted' send signal - if you don't plug anything in the the loop.

This way the amp runs normally with no loop cords plugged in.

But plug a cord into the (upper) new send jack on the back panel to connect to the looper input, and another cord from the looper output to the (lower) new receive jack on the back panel, and its magic!

Uh, here's a few pics:

If you need more info (if anyone on the planet is still using this paradigm-breaking amp, and wants to mod it), just ask - I'm an EE :-)

BTW, it works great! I can record a loop with rhythm guitar effects on, and then play the loop back to the power amp while I solo (in stereo) with lead guitar effects!

Re: I added an Effects Loop to my old AX2!
by KaZoom1618 on 2013-01-14 14:16:18

I forgot to mention - to remove the amp chassis from the case, you remove 2 screws from each side of the amp, and 4 from the top (including the 2 that hold on the handle).

Then slide the chassis out of the back of the case - no need to remove any knobs, but of course, you unplug the AC cord, speakers and floorboard first!

Then remove the 'bottom' plate to access the circuit boards by removing the 9 screws.


Re: I added an Effects Loop to my old AX2!
by luckjt on 2013-01-17 11:53:57

Great job. I've been using mine in a cover band for years. Took the guts out and put them in a rack. I have a spare that's in the shop but my tech. says he can't fix it. Says he can't find the part. One of the 2 converters. a/d or d/a I don't know. I find that interesting.AX2 Rack 1.jpg Bums me out because I've got some great patches and once the main one goes. That's it.

Re: I added an Effects Loop to my old AX2!
by KaZoom1618 on 2013-01-22 15:05:08

Hey! I took a look for the A/D and D/A chips:

From the schematic parts list:

A/D: has 2 chip system

U7:  PCM1760U-X

U2: DF1760U


U3:  AK4320

A Google search turned up:


DF1760U shows a source for each - made by Rochester Electronics

I'm not sure what the '-X' designates - its often speed, or packaging, or temp specifications.

AK4320 is the manufacturer - their website lists local distributors - they may have the part.

Also check:


Besure that the parts you get are in the same package style - SOICs, I think.

Even lists some of these parts - you could always pick up a dead AX2 and have your tech gut it for parts.

Good Luck!

Re: I added an Effects Loop to my old AX2!
by Kosabatata on 2013-02-12 06:48:09

Dude your awesome!! Not only you made sign up to tell you that, but just made the AX2 a beast!

How have you been liking it far? And how have you been using it now?

Re: I added an Effects Loop to my old AX2!
by KaZoom1618 on 2013-03-03 08:23:56


It's been great - no unwanted distortion from the splice, and the AX2 still running fine.

Hooked up my Yamaha keyboard to the 2nd input to make some rhythm tracks to loop to. Great fun!

Have you tried the mod yet on your AX2 ? It's gotta be the easiest mod ever!

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