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Potential Helix/HX Feedback Loop (PLEASE READ)

  • Here is an KB article strongly advising users against creating both FX Loops and Send/Return blocks in a preset, as this setup can create a feedback loop that can vary in volume and severity. The general one line explanation is: do not place duplicate sends after their corresponding return if the loop is already in use.


    The issue is resolved in an upcoming firmware update. At that point, this issue would only impact users on firmware 3.01 and earlier, and presets created on such firmware.


WARNING: Utilizing FX Loop, Send, and Return blocks within the same Helix/HX preset has the potential to cause a feedback loop based on the routing and their position in the signal flow. The volume level and severity of this is feedback loop is dependent upon what is contained within the FX Loops. 


We strongly encourage Helix/HX users to use extra caution and awareness when using these blocks in their presets. Specifically avoid placing duplicate send blocks AFTER their corresponding Return in the signal flow. This applies to both FX loop blocks which contain both sends and returns within one block as well as individual send and return blocks.


For example, if your preset contains an FX Loop 1 block (FX Loop L on HX Stomp), which utilizes both Send 1 and Return 1, DO NOT place a Send 1 block AFTER this FX Loop. 


The same would apply to using individual send and return blocks. For example, if you have a Send 1 block and a Return 1 block in your preset, DO NOT place a duplicate Send 1 block AFTER the Return 1 block.

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