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Floor POD & Floor POD Plus: FAQ


Q: Where can I get a Floor Pod Presets Chart?


FloorPOD Presets


FloorPOD Plus Presets


Q: What is the warranty on my Floor Pod product?
A: The warranty on the Floor POD and Floorpod Plus units is twelve months from the date of purchase.


Q: How can I download the manual?
A: Manuals


Q: What power supply do I need to use?
A: The Line 6 PX-2 is the correct power supply for the Floor Pod and Floor Pod Plus.


Q: What are the MIDI jacks on my FloorPod Plus unit for?
A: The MIDI jacks on the Floorpod Plus are are used to connect to MIDI jacks to update the patches on your Floorpod Plus using the Vyzex editor.


Q: Where can I download the editor for the Floor Pod Plus?
A: You can download the Vyzex Floor POD plus editor directly from the Line 6 software downloads page:Line 6 Software Downloads


Q: Is there a settings list for the presets used on the demonstrations?
A:There is no documentation on the settings used for the Floor POD and Floor POD Plus demonstrations


Q: How do I calibrate my Floor Pod/Plus Unit?


Floor Pod Plus
- Hold toe-switch on VOL/WAH and power unit. The display will read "PC" (Pedal calibration) and then "000".
- With the pedal at toe-position, hit the "A" button. The display will show "100".
- With the pedal at the Heel-position, hit the "B" button. The display will show "100"
- Press footswitch C to read the numeric values. Press pedal-toe switch on and observe lights around effects encoder, which will reveal the pedal position.
- Press and hold tap switch for 2 seconds to save calibration.


Floor POD
- Power off, Hold toe switch on pedal and power on. When "PC" appears press and hold DIST switch until a number flashes in the Display.
- Move pedal from toe-down to heel-down position and back up to toe-down position clicking the Toe-switch.
- Wait 5 seconds and unplug power.
preset chart (rev a).pdf


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