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  1. Hi All. I am having this same issue. I am connected to a MAC using Helix Rack with floor board and JTV 69 Variax. Goes well for 5 minutes or so then nothing, no control, no switching, no ability to get out of the preset using the Helix interface or PC editor either its a full off then onn to get the thing working again. Variax also not working consistently. Sometimes on Sometimes off, presets wont load the guitar changes as programmed either. Its an expensive brick until it works like it should and will probably go back in the box and sit in the bottom of the cupboard for the next ten years unless an update sorts the issue. I live in Dubai so the local support is less than 000000. Love the depth of the audio the unit produces, hate the black box that wont work at the time I get free time to lay some tracks down so its back to trusty reliable ten year old Vox Tonelab / NI Ampltube / trusty MkV boogie and original Les Pauls / Strats / Banjo. As a guide, just before I began writing this I turned the unit on again and did nothing without either the JTV or a guitar plugged in, no PC / USB link editor working and now the unit is frozen solid with nothing working. I type fast, so its probably less than 3 minutes on and already locked up. I'd speculate there's a faulty DSP or other chip getting hot in there somewhere. Oh and ALL presets are factory, I have only had the thing two weeks and have updated to 2.11 and not been game to do any serious scratching around and making presets of my own yet. So Factory as can be other than update. Yep...pretty disheartened at the minute as these things are ~USD750 more expensive to buy in the UAE than they are everywhere else. My wife keeps saying...you should never buy the current electronics until everyone else finds out the bugs...but i didnt listen
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