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  1. aw.... I have bought an external sound card and connect the pod x3 to line in source and the speakers to this sound card...now i can record both.... the problem has been solved...but another electronic device....anoter cable...aw...just a normal sound card (30 € +- 30$)
  2. Hi to all But i have a problem i can't deal with. I have x3 Pro connected with the USB and the speakers connected to the POD directly. I use to play guitar with backing track's from youtube // mp3 or similar in the computer. Everything sounds through the POD ( i can hear both guitar and backing track even through the headphones) But when i want to record something, only guitar is recorderd (for example when i record a video with a webcam , i choose POD source, but only guitar is recorded) I have checked all the possible options and even the properties in the sound control panel from the Laptop, but de VUmeter only shows guitar (in pod)....if i stop playing guitar, de VUmeter shows 0 even with the backing track playing.... Only if i select the original laptop sound card as the default one...i can see de vumeter moving... sorry ...im from spain....my english is terrible!!!
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