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  1. I have used my headphones Marshall mid anc, very good sound for guitars grand pounch
  2. Yes , 300 and 700 is same guitars internal electronic chips.You can load yours presets with workbench . you can install the apps and run : workbench,Java & monkey in Windows 8, no problem.
  3. Yes you can Edit all in software for Pc workbench 1.75 run in Windows 10 with Variax 300-500-600 and 700 I have a Variax 600 have it good wood maple and I can Edit pickups modelo and ubicación,pots: volume,tone,capacitors,Wood,etc. you need install in Windows 10: Download Line 6 Monkey on https://line6.com/software/. It's available for Win 10. Download Variax Workbench from the same place. 1.75 versión. NOTE: You need to choose Win 7 or 8 to find this download. Download JRE 1.6.0 32-bit (Java Runtime Editor). https://www.filehorse.com/download-java-runtime-32/6037/ Install all mentioned software. I don't know if order matters but I installed JRE last. Run Monkey, log in and see if you need any updates. Run Workbench and enjoy.
  4. Since I had time and had never opened it ... Well, I was encouraged. At least in the variax 600 model the pots are mounted on the pickguard, I observed that right next to the guitar model selector it had a metal point so you know what model you are, coinciding with the point on the model name, Well, it occurred to me to place a red led in that hole already made to do the same function and to see the Bank where you are playing even in the dark illuminated and this is how it turned out, I really liked the result, it gives you a more sophisticated appearance. Well nothing so far my entertainment today and my new mod variax 600. The led works both with batteries and with the cable.
  5. Yes reflash you system . download In Line6 site : Monkey 1.77 installer app for Windows and archive Variax 300_3.10.vxf One time flash you have last versión Variax
  6. You can adjust individualy string volume with original Workbench in setings have it 6 faders for up and down volume . site for buy : http://www.banzaimusic.com/Graph-Tech-PN-8000-00.html
  7. I have ampliFi 75.I think what the amp practice home with much amps emulators and efects is LINE6 Amplifi,and very best sound music mix guitar,and shortboard is completely usable. Marshall Code, is beautifully amp emulator best amps of the history of rock and sound. I not play amplifire Vs Marshall Code. Not for sale in Spain.In May have firts units in store music instruments. Saludos from Spain
  8. Down volume guitar:push hold pot led white in amplifi and take control volumen out to DAW In.
  9. Your bass guitar have a problem?
  10. Yes you can play bass guitar in amplifi75/100... Select amp bass. Search patch in amplifi remote:guitar bass.
  11. Hello,you can record whit ipad and amplifi 75,only you need a adaptator apple ipad camera connection USB/Lightning and Hub USB powered. Regards
  12. We need a update firm amplifi for finished all problems: conection bluetooh,driver audio,drops and pops,streaming audio bluetooh... Regards
  13. Hello I have AmpliFi75 and ipad mini first generation,with the latest updates amplifi75,amplifi remote app and ios 9.2.1. I have conected via camera conection and powered hub USB so far so good. ipad reconized. When start recording take one I hear noises,drops and glitches audio,I can not record ... My Zoom G3 pedal multiefects and Line6 mobile run ok in my ipad mini no drops no noises perfect record. As I can select the quality audio record in the ipad mini? recording ipad mini 24 bits 48hz always? any solution? the ampli75 have sound wonderfull tone !!!!! thank you very much
  14. Yo tengo el Amplifi75,pues si, a mi también me pasa,después de parearlo,pongo música en mi Samsung s4 y hay entre microcortes cada cierto tiempo... a ver si lo solucionan!!!! porque éste último firm no lo ha arreglado. un saludo
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