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  1. If anyone is still watching this thread for an answer, I solved my iPad connection problem by leaving the app open, powering off the Firehawk, disconnecting my external connections for guitar in and 1/4" out, then powering the Firehawk back up. It connected and sync'd immediately after that.
  2. Thanks for the comparison man. Good playing too. I couldn't really hear a difference until the heavy overdriven stuff, the I was convinced that B was the Helix because A sounded comparatively thinner to me. I have the money set aside and I've been torturing myself over the Helix. I have a DT50 and I'm about to start gigging in a tribute band in theater-style venues. The Helix is cool but I just ordered a POD HD500X, thinking the effects are the same, and I'll be using all presets to jump around between tones easily. Having used both, do you think the 500 is good enough? I have a Pod HD300 now, and it was a huge mistake in going for the lesser model to save some money (uh-oh, may have just answered my own question)
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