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  1. Thanks amx05462. I figured it out in the end once I took the strings off and started moving the bridge. It's great to have it working again!
  2. I'm replacing the piezo on the D string on my 600. Can anyone give me some directions around how to remove the existing piezo? Do I just have to remove the bridge and access underneath that, or is there more to it? My brother is an electronics engineer so I'm fine with getting the actual soldering / replacing done. I just want to make sure we're careful in the removal and replacement and don't mess up any of the existing wiring. Thanks
  3. And I wondered why I was having trouble getting Workbench to work after buying my HD500X. It does seem a bit of a backwards step to remove this feature. I understand I can still use my Variax, but I want to experiment with different pickups, tunings etc.
  4. Great playing. I just listened to both songs - very well done. Nice tone. I used to have a Robben Ford tone on my old XTL but haven't tried setting up a RF tone on my HD500x. I'll use your settings this weekend and see how it goes. Thanks.
  5. Thanks fo rthe responses. I'll edit using the volume controls to turn the amps on or off. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions :)
  6. I'm using the dream rig setup with an older Variax. I have the POD 500X edit program open and I'm setting up patches. When I edit a patch with two Amp models, I run into a problem. I can turn off Amp B and just listen to Amp A so I can set it up the way I want it. But then if I turn off Amp A and turn on Amp B so I can edit it, I can't hear it. All I seem to hear is whatever amp model is set up in my DT25 topology. I can turn the knobs in the 500X edit program and it makes no difference - all I hear is the amp. The only solution I've found is to turn Amp A's volume right down so all I can hear is Amp B. Is this happening for anyone else? Any solutions?
  7. I realise this thread is a few months old but did you get it sorted? I had a similar problem with my Variax and new HD500. It turned out I was using the wrong power supply! That'll teach me to have extra pedals. Once the correct HD500X supply was plugged in (which is now AC, not DC like the old ones and the Variax one is), it worked perfectly.
  8. Interesting discussion on this topic. I came into the modelling world via an ART SGX2000 (google it!). I went back to amps for a while but then got a Behringer V-Amp and then moved onto a POD XTL, then the X3L and now the HD500x along with a DT25 amp. And I've had a Variax 600 for quite a few years. I got to the stage where it became simply about value for money. I liked the sound of Fender amps, but I also liked the Marshalls. And the Vox AC30. But I couldn't afford all of them. And what about pedals! I wanted a Tube Screamer, and an Echoplex, and others. Also, I was playing at a church where we were trying to reduce the on stage sound as much as possible. So the modellers became a great compromise. When it comes to amps, there are so many variables - where are you standing, where is the microphone, what type of microphone is it, how hot are the valves etc. I love the fact that with the POD I can DI into a PA and I know the tone is good going to the desk. What the PA operator does with it is beyond my control! I think the discussions about whether a POD will ever be exactly the same as the real thing are missing the point. It's more about convenience. I can't afford all those amps and effects (and guitars) but the POD / Variax combo gives me access to those tones. If you can afford all those amps - go for it. And why do we assume the goal is to sound exactly like the amp? IMO the goal should be to find the right sound for the song we're playing. Do keyboard players have the same discussions? I'm sure they'd all love to play a grand piano on stage, but they're probably very content playing a keyboard with access to a multitude of sounds that they could only dream of ten years ago. Bottom line - find what works for you. Great tone will take a while to get from whatever gear you're using.
  9. Sorted (I think). Had the wrong power lead plugged in - I only had a choice of 3 on my powerboard. Obviously need to get my eyes checked! Plugged in the correct Line 6 lead and it works fine. Also nice to see they've gone to a DC adapter now rather than the AC adapters they used to use which were so hard to get replacements for here in Australia. Just played for a while with the correct power lead plugged in and the problem didn't occur so hopefully it is fixed.
  10. Thanks. It's routed exactly as you've outlined. When it does cut out, I try the tuner on the HD500X and there's no signal so it does look like it's the VDI socket. I'll have a good look at it tomorrow and see if it's dirty. I didn't get the USB dongle with the Variax, but I have a spare network cable I'll try out just to eliminate the possibility of it being the VDI cable. Thanks for your suggestion.
  11. I downloaded mine via Line 6 Monkey. Once it found the HD500X, the edit program appeared as an option to download.
  12. Forgot to mention I've already done that. Thanks for the idea though. Anyone else?
  13. So, my brand new HD500X came yesterday. I've already got a DT25 and a Variax 600. Hooked it up using the L6 Link and the Variax VDI Cable. Problem - the sounds cuts in and out. Tried it with a 'normal' guitar plugged in - no problems. Tried it with Variax plugged in - problem returns. Plugged Variax into my old X3L - no problems. Signal gets through ok and no problems with tone. So at this stage I'm thinking the problem is inside the HD500X. The VDI cable is ok because it works in the X3L, the L6 Link is ok, the rest of the HD500X is ok because the strat worked through it. Am I missing something here, or have I got a dodgy POD?
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