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  1. I('d have to say the OP was correct.. he was obviously frustrated with eh HD.. As many of us are because it isn't straightforward to get the tone you want... way too much tweaking of controls that have no set meaning or description is required. It could be done so much simpler.. we don't need to have all the cab edit parameters.. a simple visual, mic you move around in front of a speaker to dial in the sound would be much more helpful, it VISUALLY tells you what you are doing, instead of trying to figure out confusing knobs that you'd never have in real life. Anyway.. instead of being snarky and bashing someone for being frustrated with an overly complicated device.. next time try being a little understanding instead of the lollipop int eh room.
  2. works both ways though... if you are not loyal to the people that BUY your products, they will go to a different manufacturer.. we are not talking about a huge task here... if they are developing other products, then they are sampling and developing /redeveloping sims for amps.. how hard is it to use that new info that you are already writing code fro and compile it for any of the other products? the hard task is the research, the coding once you have the metrics is relatively simple in comparison. as it stands now, their bread and butter customers are not feeling the love o9r the need to go out and buy the next big thing from them and why should they? it could be buggy, take years to Fix and never offer anything new. The whole EQ situation alone proves that
  3. I just wish they'd fix the marshall JCM 800 sim.. it sounds nothing like an 800 and add an AFD 100 thats on par with amplitubes (Which is brilliant IMHO) oh and fix the daggum speaker sim setup so it's not a shot in the dark.. use pictures, move the mic around instead of expecting people to guess what the settings are suppose to do. To me that was the most disappointing, it's like tryign to learn a foreign language instead of being really easy and straight forward
  4. I've not tried yet, but seems like you'd want to start with the plexi amp sim and go from there... the slo crunch might work well as well...
  5. I've the same issue on a too large monitor (32 inch HDTV) I had to bump the dpi up because @ 1920x1080, nothing is usable (everything from fonts too small to icons being too small) and in doing that the bottom rows in HD edit are cut off. I am at a loss as to why this is an issue when most programs will auto scale to DPI either by decreasing size or adding a scroll bar.. seems like it would be an extremely easy fix... having a hard coded SET resolution isn't practical in todays world...
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