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  1. Me on right, original's left track on left... used haas effect to blend them brit 2204 with a tube driver in front (Amp B 82,m 60,t 60,p 0 gain about 35%, volume 50%.. tube drive all tones @ 50%, outputs about 50%, drive 20% or so).. did not mess with any amp or Cab DEP nor change the cab or mic Hd 500 is ran thru a pod UX2 (Because I have global EQ set to a 2.5k 3.5db cut, q is 1.6) in the DAW (Reaper) I have an EQ set for a low cut of 100 and a high cut of 6k... both taper off.. the high cut tapers all the way to 10k and the low cut down to about 50hz and I have a plate reverb in the DAW ignore the bad playing..been about a year since I played the song and my memory was not so great
  2. I disagree.. have mine set always on, high cut 10K, low cut 80hz... rounds the sound out no matter the venue
  3. Global EQ is either on for all or off for all, there is no individual preset option
  4. my old was 1.02( I think) 1.04 means you already updated firmware
  5. medievil1

    HD edit bug

    I am sure it has been reported.. BUT the new HD edit definitely has a bug... changing amp/cab settings no longer gives you feed back... I can't set bias or sag or resonance, say 75% cause it doesn't give the setting... just the IIIIIIII on either the right or left area as it always has.
  6. marshall AFD 100 (Both #34 and #39 modes) JCM 800 2203 (Very different sound than a 2204) Messa II, II, IV, etc... Carvin and how about pedals/effects.. like a transparent boost (Set the DB level and go) the Slash Sig wah (It is tuned different than a standard wah and gives a much meatier effect) 5 band EQ (Even if it is % or what ever, take the 5 most common bands) Tunable Notch filter I can think of many more options/Ideas...
  7. stereo effects will double the DSP needed.. the simple work around, and basically same thing DSP wise, woudl be to add 2 monos on the a and b outs from the amp before the mixer. people forget you can add things there as well
  8. panning a and b to center you are effectively doubling the db level on both sides so there is no headroom left... panning left and right opens up headroom and doesn't distort the sound since it is 1/2 the db going to each side...
  9. I did, no issue at all... bought the model packs , went to license manager and activated them...
  10. Personally, even though there are amps I will likely never use, I bought the whole bundle.. why?? cause maybe someday I WILL want one of the amp models.. or maybe an old model and a newly modeled cab combo..or a guitar amp model through a bass cab/mic.. point being you never know exactly WHAT you will need in the future...the new 2204 jcm 800 model, to me is almost worth it alone... getting good results from it with only minor tweaking and it has only been a little over an hour since I purchased them...
  11. that would assume the old and new chips were electrically the same and that they used the exact same instruction set for programming. I would say both of those things are negative. IF the instruction set on the chip was the same, then firmware would essentially work on both since they wouldn't have had to change any other IC's.
  12. the flaw to your argument though is that line 6 released the 500x not because it was "new and better" but because the old dsp chips int he 500 were no longer available so literally, they couldn't make anymore.. the 500X exists because of that. The 500x was/is exactly like the 500 except for the newer dsp which allows a little more to be added in the chain.. the newer switches, etc are just dressing.. things they figured they would address since 500 users had complained about them...there is no real "Cheating" of the customers going on at all
  13. another thing to check..make sure the effects pedal is all the way toe down...some presets have the pedal set as volume. Ran across that a few times for think something is wrong and figure out the pedal isn't toe down and is dropping volume
  14. you can also use it as a low and high cut to get rid of boomyness and hiss/harshness across all presets... frees up space for more fine-tuned EQ in the preset
  15. There is bias desktop now as well... for recording, hands down, beats everything I have heard, including the Pod HD, Kemper and axefx. It is also completely configurable, from pre amp tubes and every adjustment imaginable, to tone stack, to power amp tubes and all it's settings.. even has a pre and post eq you can drop in... as I said it is ideal for recording, live you'd need to run a pc and all plus your own effects since it doesn't model anythign but amps
  16. you DO realize those are ipad apps right?? ipad apps are not nearly as robust as PC apps..the model packs are for pod HD HARDWARE< not ipad
  17. move the noisegate.. put it immediately after the amps/mixer (But before any effects like reverb or delay)... makes a huge difference in tone and the gate still works for noise
  18. something I didn't realize until recently that isn't modeled.. a proper 1960a/b 4x12 cab with Vintage 30 speakers that may fix a lot of jcm 800 issues all by itself as it has a much brighter sound than the greenbacks
  19. don't forget to play around with the cabs and mics... could be a different mic or cab will give the tone you want, or closer to it...
  20. single or humbuckers?? things that can introduce noise (Active filter some of it out) your monitor/tv, florescent lights, big appliances like a refrigerator... I don't have active pickups but neither my humbuckers nor my bullet strat have a lot of noise... but then I learned to keep away from my tv/monitor and not to use CFL bulbs in the room I am playing in...
  21. OK, solved... For future reference... check in control panel (Line 6 audio midi) and make sure under inputs and recording that hardware monitoring is not set to zero...(Slider all the way to the left)
  22. as the title says... I am losing guitar through headphones when I connect to usb.. I can hear the PC sounds just fine thorugh the headphones on the pod. IF I disconnect USB, guitar comes back, if I disconnect power and reconnect with USB plugged in I get guitar for about 5 seconds, then it mutes... anyone have a clue whats up??
  23. it's windows 7 so many possibilities... UAC could be blocking the driver install (It did say access denied). The user account on the PC might not have authority to install certain aspects of the driver. You gotta be admin with FULL control and also run the driver installer as admin just to be can try to install it, then after it fails look at the event viewer (Admin tools in control panel) and find out the specific reason for the error... could be as simple as a service that is needed that isn't running....
  24. the jcm 800, IMHO, sounds nothing like the real thing...could it if you spend hours and hours tweaking?? maybe, BUT who buys these things to have to tweak for hours just to get to the starting point of it sounding close to the real thing?. IMHO again, the soldono overdrive sounds MORE like a jcm 800 than the jcm 800 does
  25. AFD 100 with both modes (#34 and #39) Tunable wah (Some prefer the range to be a bit lower) Fix the EQ to something usable/readable
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