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  1. I use a pick as well, but I have to use a lighter one the orange dunlop (63mm I think) cause a heavy one rattles the strings to much (I have a heavy pick hand on both guitar and bass)
  2. they are not making fun of him for going fratcal.. they are making fun of him for ANNOUNCING it like it is some big
  3. If I were to make a jump and were going to spend that kind of cash I wouldn't go Axe FX..I'd go Kemper profiling... much better tone (In my view) and it is profiling, so loads of profiles people have done from real amps are available
  4. someone did a spectral analysis.. global EQ when on and set to default make no change on the sound.. it is still flat response.. the graph was virtually identical... if anything... there was a very minor, sub sonic low and super sonic high cut, but even perfect hearing couldn't hear those frequencies...
  5. I agree, BUT to be fair... it also depends on the output isn't AS bassy or shrill using, say, combo power amp and running it into the power amp section...but yea, especially USB wise... bass and treble are way out of wack
  6. irrelevant, he wasn't trying to replicate the live unmiked sound.. he was trying to replicate the RECORDED sound. As is anyone trying to go for certain "Artist" sound. Be it for covers or because they like the on record sound. Thats one of the whole points of the Pods... not only can you come up with your own sound, you can replicate for favorite guitarists tones... not their live un processed tones (Since it is rare you can find them except live and even then a concert video will be processed for better tone), but the tones that are recorded and on record.
  7. here is my short and quick attempt.. no reverb or anything on it, just the chorus and screamer in front and an eq on the end..using the new 2204 jcm 800 Mixdown(7).mp3
  8. to the best of my knowledge there is no such requirement... nothing on their website about it...the only items taxed IN a state are items purchased IN state.. thats why amazon orders in states here there is no center are not taxed. If I buy an item from overseas or another state (That doesn't have a store here) I am never charged sales tax..
  9. thats simply charges sales tax for online purchases, walmart charges sales tax online... it is not the purchaser's responsibility to pay sales tax, the retailer is suppose to collect it. Al capone was busted for fed income tax evasion... sales tax has never been the consumers responsibility
  10. weird, just checked my receipt..I am in the US and was not charged any was a flat $99
  11. the problem I have with e 5150/panama comparison video is there is zero info.. how was the 5150 miked, were the settings matched?...was the 5150 sound "processed" in any way...etc... way to much missing info
  12. inpulses are used in the DAW. the hd itself can't use them so they are useless live unless you plan on using a pc to run your rig thru
  13. umm have to disagree.. take a software like Bias.. every individual part of an amp is simulated.. from the tube type, to the tone stack. You can even change the number of preamp tunes. Using that method of modeling one could mix and match and create their own or model a specific amp pretty easy...take a 1959 superlead.. in bias you can do the gain mod by adding a preamp tube and it works liek you'd expect the real mod to work...
  14. the video sample doesn't even use the HD's cab sim, it uses impulses and an impulse driver int he DAW to substitute a different cab/mic..(According to the info for the video they use a guitarhack impulse) so trying to make the pod sound like a video of a pod using an impulse will never happen... it could be a speaker/cab/mic that the pod doesn't even simulate
  15. My old Digitech RP250 is the only multieffects I have ever owned that actually had an acoustic simulator in it acoustic and 12 string.. it was decent but still had the thin electric sound
  16. the SRH 440's I mentioned are close backed and do not have fizzy or boomy bass..they are as close to a flat response as I have owned in that price range ($99)... I am sure the more expensive ones are probably better on other levels though
  17. I recently bought a set of shure SRH440's.. they seem to be pretty accurate.. I know they give me the same sound coming out of my amp (HD 500 into the power amp bypassing it's preamp) they run $99 if you are in the US you can order them from sweetwater, use the 3 pay plan and pay $33 a month for 3 months...(Plus $10 fee on one payment to cover the extra processing)
  18. my guess is that it previously had a fixed output eq that was replaced by a user configurable global eq, so the values are probably a little different
  19. wow... I knew about the updates last year when L6 made the announcement HERE.. and on this forum it has been talked about and speculated about every day since.. videos do nothing cause you will not have the same guitar, same settings, same EQing, etc... And if you think most of the people on here are lambs, It shows you have zero clue what you are talking about as you have obviously not read posts in the forum
  20. well of course there are exceptions... you are basically talking about a guitar and bass combo, so you would NEED the lower frequencies... I was talking about a guitar player, 6 string guitar frequencies...I don't consider 7,8,9 stings a guitar
  21. anything below 100hz or above 6khz is unwanted for guitar want the bass guitar to be in the lower range, and symbols in the upper..I am not talking drastic sharp cut off... gradual.. from 6k to 10k and from 100hz down to about 50... as for the mid cut.. it flattens out the sound... the POD HD's seem to have a bid of a high mid boost built in... 3.5 to 4db isn't as drastic as you think.. Running the pod out into the power amp of my 50watt marshall and it gives a perfect sound.. not boomy or fizzy, just good hard crunch with perfect mids... I've nto noticed guitar/pickups etc making much of a tonal difference on the pods outputs... yes some , but not drastic like you think... same settings sound perfect on my LP, SG and Strat
  22. you want a 100k lowcut and a 6k high cut. However you can get them (DAW, filters at the end of the chain, Global EQ etc..) a 4db cut @ 2.6k will give nice results as well
  23. dual cab (left/right) Tube drive, all tones knobs neutral (50%) gain/output to preference into a Brit 2204 (Default Cab/mic) filters for 100k highpass, 6k low pass and 4 db cut at 2.6k on the end that will get you roughly in the ball park
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