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  1. So why Line6 specifies 150-600ohm to get better results? In any aspect of output/input, power/speaker, a higher level of output impedance, surpassing the speaker (headphones) generates problems, noise. I have my hd500 and now hd pro, my headphones are sennheiser hd-202 (32ohm), I have "bad" results, I hear more saturation compared to other systems. While I'm not saying it's impossible to use headphones, less than 150ohm.
  2. I regret to say that I keep checking sharp differences in the sound. Try more noticeable in loud sounds (metal / crunch / heavy 80) Using the phones out of my HD500, it becomes very easy for me to listen as the sound distorts. However if you use outputs 1/4 is not the same. For example, probe also with a pair of home monitors that have two RCA inputs. When I connect to the phones output is seen higher saturation (or compression?) ... Something like louder. And surely a musician can become obsessed with their sound, but I assure you this is real, at least for me. Connect to a sound card changes things, because you would not be using the phones output. For example, when testing with my band, we played through a mixer (xlr out pod> xlr in mixer) and the headset is connected to the phones output of the mixer, and is not the same! Greetings! :D
  3. Amazing tool! Works perfect with tones and setlists. Thank you very much!
  4. That good! I'll try. Thank you very much!
  5. Hello friends! I need to transfer all my settings from HD500 to HD PRO There is some kind of help? I'll also need to do the same from HD PRO to HD PRO X Thank you!
  6. I will address the issue from another point of view and being more extremist. In the room where I rehearse with my band , we use a 6-channel mixer , a power "Crown " and a couple of very inexpensive baffle ( 15 "cone and driver ) That system is not at all reliable. Explain why. The speakers have poor sound, to get saturated or driver screaming. If I use it to create a sound , it would be something " unreal " because the speaker is distorting and makes me (my ear) suppose pod setting (amps ) have much in drive amplifier ( pod ) ... then , spinning down the drive knob on the amp block and / or overdrive pedal and I get what I want . The fact is that if I intend to then record directly to a PC, the patch is not believed what I thought ! What I have in mind is to get the best monitors possible ( within acceptable costs) and configure my sound at home. If then in the rehearsal room , I need re equalize from the mixer. Always thinking they are minor adjustments. And that's why I look for the best way to listen to in my house. And do not talk about issues of volume level.
  7. You are right. The English is not my native language , I'm using a translator. Sorry for the confusion . I'll try to improve . "Audio systems" I mean PA, Power + speakers , etc. . Not instrument amplifier . " listening to the right thing" Haha . I mean listen to what I do in the POD , and the means ( "Audio systems" ) to respond without altering the results. For example , highlight or hide certain frequencies. "Same possibilities to create a sound as if real amp in my house . " Same as above . For example , working with a real instrument amplifier , only I worry about adjusting knobs to get the right tone because then I get the whole cabinet (speakers and amp) and I have not altered more than the usual reverbs from different environments . But working with emulators , things are usually very diferetnes from one environment to another , as it depends on audio systems that are in each room. Thanks for the time and patience.
  8. Haha, of course, the "perfection" is always one step beyond. But could do know that if we are planning to raise low, it is really necessary, and not because the system (speakers or PA) is trimming. In that case, there is a recommendation for headphones and / or speakers?
  9. HOLA! I am looking for ways to create sounds in my hd500 to be as real as possible. I mean, I want to be sure to be listening to the right thing. It happened that after editing a sound (I thought right) then I found very different in other audio systems. I know, it is normal that the systems audio sound distinct from one enclosure to another, even more if they are different systems. The aim: Same possibilities to create a sound as if a real amp in my house. Which is the best? Headphones? Professional Monitors? Home monitors? Another thing? Thank you very much to all!
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