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  1. I currently own a standard. Other than build quality and playability, do all of the Variax guitars respond exactly the same way sonically with the HD software? Meaning, are the high-end James Tyler's better sounding guitar's using the HD modeling versus the less expensive standards. I would not think so as the gutter the same.
  2. I must say how pleased I am with the Variax connection - NOW ONLY ONE CABLE. Absolutely fantastic. Made my studio life a helluva lot easier
  3. Problem with Update - Then Solved. Took me a day to figure it out. Because I had been using my Helix rack in studio conditions, it was already connected in the back for my needs. PROBLEM WITH UPDATE: While I updated, my Helix rack had the SPDIF's, Expression Pedal, and Variax cables connected. The update seemed to go well until "go time". Obviously something wrong with the presets AND the sample rate. Because of SPDIF - the update moved the default to 48 and the output was awful - Easy fix back to 96khz. Major problem were the presets which were obviously not correct. Brit Plexi Brt sounded like a clean tin can and so forth and so on down the line. I finally disconnected all cables from the rear except the USB obviously. Reran the update - ALL IS WELL !! Hope that helps someone. Not sure that info was in the update - if it was - I could not find it.
  4. Thx - that post is very helpful. Again - I think it would clarify things a bit if this info was/is posted in the original update text.
  5. You might want to share that on the original update post. Just a thought - thx for the info.
  6. Again - here you state that the update "saves nothing" It obviously saves the original factory presets correct? I do not have to save all of them ? That would be crazy.
  7. I mean do I need to save what are specifically called the "Factory 1Presets - or will they remain and be added to with the new ones that Line 6 has created. I have already saved my custom presets - ones that I have created from scratch or those that I have modified from original presets. So - if I perform the update - will I lose anything once I have moved my saved presets back to the editor?
  8. Before I install update - Do I need to save ALL of the stock Factory IR's? The update should save all of those plus the new ones that come with the update - correct? I have save all of my user created ones. Thx DG
  9. OK - It was my birthday on last week and a really nice present would be the 2.20 release. Don't be shy - make it happen.
  10. Oh My - Heaven - Thank you so much. I cannot wait to turn my non believing studio pals around. I have not used my Variax for about 6 months in anticipation due the cable hassle.
  11. The upcoming update states: "Variax Workbench HD Support—Variax can now communicate directly with Variax Workbench HD software (Mac/PC) through Helix via USB." What does that mean as far as connectivity? Currently, we Variax users need to plug the guitar into the USB interface and the Helix 1/4" in front in order to use the Workbench and Helix sims. That's what I do in the studio anyway. How will this change?
  12. Any thoughts here ?? I have read in other posts and replies here that the Helix will always be noisy when coming out of the 1/4 in out in the back with a dry signal to an external amp/speaker cab or combo amp. As I stated - the video he shows above starting at about 2:10 using the 4CM indicates no noise at all. Not happening for me with the same setup?
  13. Thx Dunedin, would an Orange amp with an effects loop in the back work? Edit: just watched this video and he has his helix hooked up to an amp just as I did with no unwanted noise. Check it out stay ring at about 2:10 into the video.
  14. Edit to my first post. I have created a 2nd path in Helix which is dry. Then connected a TS cable from the 1/4 inch out of the Helix to the Orange. On the 2nd path I have I guitar selected as input and 1/4 as the out. 1st path is guitar in to SPDIF out to my DAW interface (that is fine) I am getting a lot of noise out of the 14 inch to the Orange which is coming out of the Celestion. I think the Orange is not effected by the 1st path (Hiwatt selected) as I hear the Hiwatt through my DAW monitors. I do hear the Orange is working as should but a lot of noise from the Helix. Any thoughts?
  15. I have an Orange Micro Terror connected to a 1X12" Celestion. Incredible sound which creates the sustain that I need while recording. What I would like to do is : 1) record a wet track in Pro Tools using my Helix (that is easy) 2) send a dry signal out of my Helix into the Orange so that I can take advantage of the sustain. If I use the 1/4 inch out on the back of my Helix into the guitar in of the Orange - the signal is a wet Helix signal which is not a good thing coming out of the Celestion. The Orange has 1 INPUT for guitar - 1 our for the cab / speaker - and a small Aux In - like a small headphone plug that is used to connect to Mp3 players / laptops etc.
  16. Yep - Thinking a powered wedge is the way to go.
  17. Laid down my roughs and now going in to do the real takes on some tunes in my studio. I plan on using my Helix rack exclusively. Only issue I have found is the inability to hold a note and sustain it indefinitely as I would standing next to a Marshall half stack or something similar. I have two studio monitors - 5 and 8 inch Yamaha powered. I have placed myself next to both of them and can't get it to happen. Do I need to go to a larger powered keyboard monitor perhaps? Would love to hear from those of you who are actually achieving this in the studio.
  18. Please let me know how you deal with that - in the studio. Lets say I am recording the last note of a lead via my Helix (Hiwatt amp and Cab sim with a decent amount of gain.) I am listening to this through my Yamaha 8" powered monitors. I cannot yet get an unlimited sustain on that last note as I easily would through an old "real" Marshall rig. Again, I will be posting this issue on another thread.
  19. My response to your post is related to recording - not live. If you are as you say, an old schooler, relying on just the amp to do the work vs pedals etc, then you would be ecstatic with the Helix. The Marshall, Vox, Orange and HiWatt configurations are really really good. You WILL NOT get the same vibe as sitting / standing next to an early 60's Marshall with 4 - 25W Celestions. A good set of studio monitors will do OK. I use my Yamaha 8" powered monitors. But getting sustain is still an issue for me and I will be posting that problem soon. You will not be disappointed.
  20. Thx - I really hope so - That feature coupled with recording a dry track to be used at a later date is huge.
  21. Sorry if I missed a thread addressing this. Regarding recording - Does anyone know if the Native will allow me to record a track (using Native) and then recall the settings (IR's, EQs, Pedals etc) when I open the project up at a later date. What I love about the 11 Rack is that I can right click a wave file of a guitar track that I recorded a week ago and "Load embedded settings" and brings up the same amp, volume, cab, mic configuration I first used. That way I can just seamlessly keep working on a track and it exactly as it did a month ago when I recorded it the first time.
  22. This is an intriguing amp. Some questions, 1) are the IR's / amp sims (whatever you want to call them) similar or in some case the exact same as those in the HELIX? 2) Would it be possible to record straight into ProTools via the USB? If so, what speaker sims are used? 3) would it be possible to record USB into Pro Tools AND record a simultaneous track via micing the Speaker?
  23. Solved: USB Connection was ever so loose. Don't think that is the tightest system I have seen but all USB "B" plugs never go in all the way anyway. They all seem to not fit quite right.
  24. Agreed that speakers should common on last however, this never happened before until I performed the update. Very digital in sound - horrible "crackling" noise is the best I can explain it. I could turn the speakers on last yes, but the issue is still there which make me concerned about whether this effects anything else or is a hardware / software issue?
  25. Did the update to my Helix Rack. All was well until yesterday - as I was in the Helix boot up stage, I heard an intense "crackling" noise which went away after about 15 seconds. Happened again today? Anyone else?
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