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  1. PROSPECT-001

    Yet another 4 cable method question

    Hi there...I don't know what to say...you're incredible. Thank you so much for your interest and realy great advise and support. I will try them out asap. BTW: just for your info. The manual says that the PATCH CHORUS/EFFECTS SEND is a High pass output above 200 Hz for supplying signals to external effects or signal processing equipment... :wacko: Thanks again.
  2. PROSPECT-001

    Yet another 4 cable method question

    Hi, uh well..... I would say first of all for the effects. Why is there any specific method just for the amp models? Thank you in advance.
  3. PROSPECT-001

    Yet another 4 cable method question

    Hi, could you please help me out. I also use the X3 Live but I'm not shure where to exactly connect to my amp (Peavey TKO115 scorpion bass amp) I "play" guitar but I use a bass amp because....well I don't realy know. :rolleyes: My guitar goes into X3Live GUITAR IN. The X3Live FX SEND goes to the AMP INPUT. Now; The X3Live FX RETURN do I connect it to the CHORUS/EFFECT PATCH SEND or to the PRE OUT PATCH ? The X3Live OUT L/MONO to CHORUS/EFFECT PATCH RETURN or to PATCHES PWR IN ? Thank you for your time.
  4. PROSPECT-001

    Line 6- Please Bring Back X3 Live

    Yes, bring back the X3L !!! It's a pitty that nobody at Line6 doesn't care about it anymore. No updates, no news, no nothing. At least put itback in and have it updated/upgraded. Hey, we payed for it, it still is the best floor board you made. Startin' is right....most of us want the X3L back. Just do it.