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  1. Hi there...I don't know what to say...you're incredible. Thank you so much for your interest and realy great advise and support. I will try them out asap. BTW: just for your info. The manual says that the PATCH CHORUS/EFFECTS SEND is a High pass output above 200 Hz for supplying signals to external effects or signal processing equipment... :wacko: Thanks again.
  2. Hi, uh well..... I would say first of all for the effects. Why is there any specific method just for the amp models? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, could you please help me out. I also use the X3 Live but I'm not shure where to exactly connect to my amp (Peavey TKO115 scorpion bass amp) I "play" guitar but I use a bass amp because....well I don't realy know. :rolleyes: My guitar goes into X3Live GUITAR IN. The X3Live FX SEND goes to the AMP INPUT. Now; The X3Live FX RETURN do I connect it to the CHORUS/EFFECT PATCH SEND or to the PRE OUT PATCH ? The X3Live OUT L/MONO to CHORUS/EFFECT PATCH RETURN or to PATCHES PWR IN ? Thank you for your time.
  4. Yes, bring back the X3L !!! It's a pitty that nobody at Line6 doesn't care about it anymore. No updates, no news, no nothing. At least put itback in and have it updated/upgraded. Hey, we payed for it, it still is the best floor board you made. Startin' is right....most of us want the X3L back. Just do it.
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