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  2. May have found that new variax
  3. Is it the Revstar Variax? Please tell me it's the Revstar Variax
  4. Touch select on my helix has went a bit janky to the point where I've had to switch the feature off. Sorting out a return with my retailer and opened a support ticket but I just wondered if anyone else has had this problem
  5. To save you drawing it, if you open the pdf in inkscape/illustrator you can export the simple linework to dxf which could then be input into 3d modelling software.
  6. IIRC, some marshalls the channel selector on the amp has to be a in a certain selection in order for the footswitch to work. Does it work fine with the stock footswitch?
  7. I was running 4CM using the template and was getting popping switching back to my amp's pre from the helix. You getting the same or are you just getting pops when switching between two modeled pre-amps?
  8. Did/do you have the expression pedal issue too? Still the same after your iso box? Got a link to where I can get one of them at all?
  9. Do you also have this issue?
  10. What is the mod? I have the same issue with an egnater tweaker 40.
  11. Tweaker 40 is just two button - Channel and FX Loop so just normal TRS Yeh, it does have leds on the OEM footswitch but surely they won't need much, If I only connect helix ext amp to footswitch on egnater there is noise. There is no noise until it is plugged in to the helix, which screams to me that the helix is the problem.
  12. Tried normal guitar lead and trs, both equal noise. Like a ground loop. Tried just ext amp, helix in front, helix in 4cm. Noise is there when ext amp is in, goes when it's not. Any thoughts?
  13. Have you noticed any noise using the ext amp switching on the helix? As soon as I plug his connection in, I get a buzz. I've got the same amp. Tried different cables. Still the same.
  14. I've tried various cables, nothing seems to shift the noise even with only the channel switching cable connected. Amp = Egnater tweaker 40 Any ideas on a fix? Also, how do you set helix volume with 4 cable method? Do you set helix volume at max? Does this end up emulating a master on a master volume type amp? Thanks!!
  15. The day I got my helix I reamped a logic session with the helix. Path 1 = Guitar - >Minotaur - > Divided - > Delay - > Verb Path 2a = Bass - > LA Comp - > Cali -> 8x10 Path 2b = Guitar2 - > Minotaur - > Fender Clean - > Verb I think there were a few other things going on but they were bypassed. Helix was running as audio interface too.
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