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  1. Thank you for clarifying the position of this forum. I have seen distasteful forums before where even the owner tolerated very abusive commenting. If you have seen my HELIX review you will know that I always rate products fairly, but I do have to say that a forum is a general reflection of what reasonable people come to from time to time so you know that I always tell things as I find them myself because it could affect new users view of the product... and I think that's a reasonable comment bearing in mind that my original post was a reasonable statement of the affairs regarding the HX Effects unit and my experiences with it to date as a purchasing customer of Line6 products. Thank you for your explanation and Ill bear that in mind when I complete the review of the HX Effects unit from Line6 now that the software editor is now finally available.
  2. Glad to hear you're eager for this review. Over the 37 million minutes of viewing of my reviews to date I guess that my reviews are liked by many. I've met sarcastic people like you before, but I thought they were all on the Fractal forum where they belong. I was wrong. Thankfully Yamaha has bought Line6 and I guess they won't tolerate people that have a sad attitude and hide behind stupid names on forums simply because they can't attach their acidic remarks to their real names. I don't like sarcastic people like you make no mistake about that... and for what it's worth I will be focussing on this forum as part of the customer service aspect of the HX Effects products thanks to you. Not a problem for me, and certainly not a problem for my review, but it might be a problem for you at some stage. Just a question... when did you ask 'we're all dying to know' about watching my review? Because that's basically a 'made up' comment.. or some could construe it as a lie. I see from the five or six posts you have made to date that it would be hard to make a statement like that. I suspect that you should go back to your Fractal Forum where your attitude is in line with the general attitude found in such places. Until now I did feel that the Line6 forums were full of reasonable people, but I can clearly see that this is not the case where you are concerned. And guess what, you can take your forum and see how far it fits in to a part of your anatomy... either your mouth or... well you go figure. Over the 37 million minutes of viewing of my reviews to date I can confirm that my reviews are liked by many... all except often some very sad entities that try and create with stupid attitudes some level of distain against success. Don't worry you make absolutely no difference to the review I will make and likely you will enhance it. Bye Bye.
  3. Ah at last the mysterious update that makes the HX effects what it should have been from the start. Expect an in depth review now that I can continue... Thanks Line6
  4. Actually, I bought the HX to create a proper review rather than the often sales videos that are made and called reviews. Factually when I was buying this unit MONTHS ago there was no information from the dealers and unless you first bought the unit, nothing to indicate that the HX unit was half a job without the editor. I was familiar with the Helix editor and bought the HX on the basis that the unit would offer all of the benefits of editing that the Helix had which are very nice. Call me an idiot, but the inference was always generally that the HX effects would have the Helix editor.... I found out it did not about half way through a very long review and almost threw the HX effects out of the window. I could buy other equipment for similar or less money than the HX Effects cost me and the non show of the editor (or other software that is generally not much use at launch) is frankly what I have seen on a number of occasions when looking at Line6 equipment. I won't review 'half a job' called the HX Effects until the whole story is available... and take note - I never saw any other glossy sales reviews telling me or anyone else that the HX Editor was not available. This is basically poor... releasing ANY product that is half completed is at best bad, and at worst comical and unprofessional. But make no mistake when I do eventually review the HX effects and its yet to be completed HX Effects editor I'll be pointing this out as clearly as I know how. June 21st huh... we shall see. I just love how this forum declares I'm 'just startin' ho ho ho I was doing this before Line6 existed :)
  5. currently 1920 x 1080 on a Lenovo yoga 3 which is nice and portable... BTW the software is Version 1.0
  6. I noticed when I loaded up the librarian program (all versions to date) that the window is not resizable even though the list actually goes off the bottom of the screen. Is this going to stay this way or is the program buggy in this respect?
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