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  1. I was having the same problem in Cubase Pro 10.5. Pleased to see there’s a fix.
  2. Problem solved. Went to My Account and deauthorised a couple of things I no longer have and was then able to authorise Helix Native. All seems rather silly and unnecessary.
  3. Yesterday I purchased Helix Native. Today I installed it for the first time. When I clicked on the button to authorise my computer, I was told that although I had a valid licence I had reached my maximum number of authorisations. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks man! I had another go and this time my PC recognized that there was an unidentifiable HX Stomp attached and I attempted to update to 2.70.0 and IT WORKED!! You are a star!
  5. I'm afraid this isn't working for me. Update using Line 6 Updater failed. Screen opens as photo in vinnyt's post but with addition of "Firmware 2.71.0" I tried powering up while holding PAGE> button but it won't power up. Several attempts made. Tried factory reset by holding buttons 2 + 3 but now screen opens as before with addition of "Rebuilding Presets ..." and nothing happens.
  6. Onepiece


    I take it you've followed the procedure on page 2.9 of the advanced guide? Both units are set to the same sample rate (as bartnettle1 said) with your interface set to follow the clock in the POD?
  7. C'mon Line 6! We're still waiting for an updated Models Gallery.
  8. That's pretty smart. I like the way you think. :)
  9. Are there factory presets for the new model packs that I can download as a bundle?
  10. Thanks hurghanico, that's really helpful. :)
  11. Is there/will there be an updated Model Gallery (Revision E, I guess) that includes pics and info on all the new amp/cab models?
  12. I've only got one account.
  13. Auto Swell into Low Rez Delay on the second tone? Maybe even a little Tape Eater or Warble-Matic added? :unsure:
  14. I've got a confirmation email with an order no. and a time and date of transaction.
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