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  1. I have the L2T, TS110a, TS112a, and TS115a speakers. My personal preference is the TS112a which is an 800 watt speaker. The L2T is great too but does sound different than the Alto series.
  2. I have a Line 6 L2T and an Alto TS112a. I tend to prefer the sound from the TS112a for the helix but both are great. L2T in reference mode is a little brighter than the TS112a. I don't want to run the L2T in other modes because of running other sounds through it simultaneously.
  3. I don't think it's really that complex as long as development is willing to treat the volume pedal as a unique entity and not just a generic block. All that's really necessary to implement this is to allow a footswitch to disable the control over the volume (not turn it off/on), while at the same time enabling the wah block (off/on) on the same exp pedal. The point to notice is the disabling of control tied to an exp. pedal versus the disabling of a block entirely.
  4. For my Wah and Whammy patches, I assign a footswitch to be a -6db switch so that I can cut down my volume if need be once I engage the wah/whammy. For Devs, the answer you're looking for is to enable a footswitch to turn on a wah/whammy and turn off control over the volume pedal (turn off control, not turn off the pedal itself). This would result in the volume staying consistent.
  5. Ordered from MF on 10/25, received my shipping notification today! Subsequently cancelled my Guitar Center order that was supposedly in stock and ready to ship last week.
  6. Well I was supposedly 20th in line at MF a week ago, they might have 40 in stock but I haven't seen a shipping notice.
  7. As soon as I heard about Guitar Center having the helix "in stock and ready to ship", I ordered one. Called just to make sure, before cancelling my Musician's Friend order. Guys says it should ship out today or tomorrow. I immediately get an automated email saying my order is now on Back-order. Refresh the GC helix page and indeed there is no stock. Refreshed the page an hour later and once again the item is "in stock and ready to ship". Glad I didn't cancel my Musician's Friend order. But now I have 3k tied up in backorder.
  8. Spoke with MF today and was told that I should receive my Helix as part of their next batch from Line6, which isn't expected until Dec 4th. MF said their last batch from Line6 contained 160 units and was received mid October.
  9. My Musicians Friend ship date slipped from 11/14 to 11/27 and now to Dec 4th.
  10. My Musicians Friend ship date slipped from 11/14 to 11/27
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