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  1. Well, this is annoying. Just bought the Amplifi TT. Why would you even pause to check whether there was a Windows editor? Doesn't every other desktop guitar processor in the world have one, including the old Line 6 PODS! Should have tracked down a second hand POD HD Bean. Damn.
  2. Thanks for the input FlyingSquirrel. Will take on board your advice and grab your tone. Nice playing by the way ;-)
  3. Hi Bill, radatats, I think the secret to getting rid of the tinny sound is to drop the mix down to somewhere around 50%. At 100% it sounds plain horrible, but at 50% you get some of the aggressive, tubey amp sound coming through as well as the harmony. One other thing, you might find the volume of the tones set a bit low and may need to ramp them up depending on your setup. And, again you might find them a bit bright and/or have too much distortion - but they are easy fixed. Would love to hear how you go. Allan
  4. Hey BillBee. No luck I'm afraid. The account and any reference to it is long gone. Now, that said, I am having a little luck with this tone. Went back to editing on the PODHD's screen rather than using HD Edit - which seems to be a bit glitchy when attempting to adjust for pitch harmonies other than 50% and 100% (whatever those might represent in intervals??). The POD display shows a +- 24 numeric range, 2 octaves down and two up. With a bit of help from blueviolence's helpful post above, as the song is in A major, selecting 5.0 (a 4th) for toe up and 7.0 (a 5th) for toe down seems to get me in the right ball park. A 50% mix seems about right. I have a copy of the tone here if anyone is remotely interested: It is an early attempt and needs quite a bit more work. My guitar is quite warm so some might find this a little bright. ...... edit....... Here is another which, with my guitar, is warmer, with more delay, and is more useful as a lead tone when switching out the pitch glide: Both of these may have too much distortion for some. Regards, Allan
  5. Almost, but not quite. Apparently the designer of the tone had the Model Pack Add-ons, one of which was the 'Bender'. Critical for this particular tone. Gearbox won't show that effects settings unless you pay for the Model Pack. Grrr. Bit of a shame as several years ago I had the Model Packs on another account, an account long gone. Allan
  6. Thanks radatats. I'll give that a try.
  7. Hi all. I am coming back to this tone after a long time out of action due to illness. Personally, I have still had no luck with getting the setting right - anything I come up with just sounds plain insane! However I notice that someone has posted their attempt at the tone in the Custom Tone Library. I have downloaded it and a copy is here: Unfortunately it is a .l6t file which I understand can only be opened by Gearbox. I have downloaded and installed Gearbox but it won't open the file unless you have a TonePort or a GuitarPort connected. I don't have either. I use a POD HD500x nowadays. It does not appear to be possible to convert the file to a file compatible with my POD. Is anyone aware of any way I can open this file without going to the expense of tracking down a used TonePort? Alternatively, is there someone out there with one of the devices who would be kind enough open the file and post me some screen shots of the settings? Would be happy to rename my first born after you, although I expect she won't be happy about it ;-) Thanks. Allan
  8. Thanks Sammy. Seems odd it should cause the problem with the reverb coming out of Tuner mode. I've mentioned it to Line 6 support. Maybe they'll look further into it. Regards, Allan
  9. Hi all. I seem to have resolved the problem - fingers crossed. I narrowed this down to a number of clean tones. When having either of them active and going into and then out of Tuner mode, there would be a huge multiplying effect on the reverb. Please see attached audio file - I go into and out of tuner mode about 20secs in. No cables for my direct recording so just a mobile phone recording :wub: . .......OK, don't seem to be allowed to upload .aac files. Here is a link if mildly interested: What has happened is that I noticed that the reverb effect in all of my clean presets had a Mix value of "VAX V" and was not adjustable. These tones are all based on the same original clean tone which must had the same setting, a clean tone I originally imported from a HDPOD Desktop. Please see the attached image file. I have no idea what VAX V means, however, when I reset the reverb (by changing from one reverb to another and back) and then adjusted my settings ('VAX V' - does not appear), I am now able to go into and out of Tuner mode without the reverb effect multiplying. Problem seems to have been resolved. Thanks for your help silverhead, guitarno. Allan
  10. Thanks guitarno and silverhead. No luck with firmware and flash updates. Problem still persists, albeit it is now more predicable. On some presets, if I go into & then out of tuner mode the massive reverb is activated. If I disable reverb in HD Edit, the tone returns to normal (but it still has some reverb - possibly from the DT???). To use the preset normally, with its own reverb settings I have to download the preset again from the POD to HDEdit. I have reconfigured one of the problematic presets from scratch but the problem is still there when I go into and out of tuner mode. I'm hoping that Line 6 can have a look at my presets to determine whether there is anything wrong there. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to start all over again. Not looking forward to that. One positive. I have been fiddling with it quite a bit today and I haven't had the error message at all. Thanks again and regards, Allan
  11. Hmmm played for an hour or so. Used the tuner twice. On the second use, when closing it the damn reverb came back and the error message occurs when HDEdit attempts to retrieve the presets. The Pod also restarted itself when one of these errors appeared.
  12. Hi. I have a new HD500x and a new DT25. There are linked via L6 link. I have tailored a number of tones. Mostly these tones are fine. However, every now and then, perhaps when I select to tune the guitar or when shifting quickly through presets using the footswitches, an extreme reverb effect kicks in drowning out the tone. The tone is lost remotely in this massive reverb sound. Switching presets does not assist. The excessive reverb is on all presets. It can then sometimes go away after switching both units off and then on again on a number of occasions. At the moment I have just switched both units off and on about 5 times but no luck. I have also updated the firmware from 1.1 to 1.2, but the problem persists. As I write the unit is unusable. The sound is horrid and there is very little reverb set in any of my tones. Plugging straight into the amp with the guitar the tones are fine. This is only happening with the HD500X plugged in via L6. I have lodged a support ticket but appreciate any help in the meantime. I also seem to be getting the attached error when reading from the HD500x - although it has been intermittent while the reverb fault has been active - soem times the edit software could read the POD, other times not. Regards, Allan edit...... Just turned both units off for a couple of minutes, and back on one more time before abandoning it as a lost cause. HD Edit was able to read from the HD500X this time. and the tones have returned to normal. All good, but this is seriously starting to tick me off. I spend more time fiddling with the POD to get it to operate properly than I do playing.
  13. Hi all. I have been using a POD HD desktop connected to an Emu 1212m via coaxial spdif. I am now moving to a HD500X. I have upgraded my PC to Windows 8.1 and looking to get rid of the Emu because the drivers haven't been upgraded for years and are getting clunky. I have never been able to get usb audio to work with my POD HD desktop - no idea why, perhaps the Emu objected to it. So, I am looking at usb audio interfaces with spdif input. My needs are few. I want the device to handle all the computer sounds and playback audio from any old media player. I want to be able to use tools like SlowGold to slowdown and pitch shift songs and play them while simultaneously playing along with my guitar - for example to learn difficult parts. I want to be able to mix the levels of the media file playback and the guitar in a single software interface. With Emu and the accompanying Patchmix software I can do this. I'd prefer to keep it simple. For example, I don't want to have to run recording software just to play back a song and play along with it. Preferably just the audio driver and a software mixer. That said, I don't want to lock out the possibility of doing some recording as I do some from time to time. Is there a usb audio device with coax spdif that can do what I need? The Roland Quad-Capture seems to fit the bill: But not sure if it will simultaneously playback audio from a media file and spdif input as the software that comes with it seems to only have two channels and you have to run Sonar to activate the digital ones - perhaps using Sonar to mix???? Appreciate any advice you might have on whether the Roland will suit or on any other viable alternative under $300. Thanks. Allan
  14. Sorry Guitarmaniac64. I'm not even close to the tone yet, I was just reporting success at adjusting the controllers, which was a major hassle. The HD Edit software uses percentages, as pointed out by SiCantwell. I had to edit the settings on the Bean itself which uses a scale of -24 to +24, setting min and max values as suggested by BlueViolince (+5 and +7). Quite a pain as I seemed to have some conflict with HD edit which insisted on over-writing my settings! These settings seem in the ball-park but my control of the effect with the pedal is all over the place. While I've been playing for years, I have never used a whammy and not sure what I am doing. Worked on it for a couple of hours yesterday but tossed it in for the time being when I couldn't get close. Regards, Allan
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