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    How to change buffer size

    Hello, I am using Line6 Helix as an audio interface for my computer. I am trying to change the buffer size from my DAW(Ableton live), but when I open the ASIO Helix driver, I see no such options. Is it possible to change buffer size from the default 128 samples?
  2. Moon_Raven

    Does HX Edit 2.81 work with Helix 2.71

    Pretty much what the title says - will the new 2.81 HX Edit PC application work with Helix Floor 2.71? I'm kinda scared of the compatibility issues when updating helix devices & apps, so I wanna be sure before I connect them. The reason for this is that my helix doesn't work with 2.8 firmware or later, so I have to use the 2.71 one, and I'd like to use the new PC application (actually I've already installed it while trying to update my Helix Floor).
  3. I have updated Helix Floor from 2.71 to 2.81, and the large volume knob does not work anymore. It is just 'stuck' at quite a high volume and turning it does nothing. What can I do to fix this?
  4. Moon_Raven

    Volume knob not working after updating to 2.81

    I went back to 2.71 and everything seems to work fine. I have one question though - do I also need to downgrade my HX Edit, or can I use HX Edit 2.81 with Helix Floor 2.71?
  5. Moon_Raven

    Volume knob not working after updating to 2.81

    I will try it now. If it does not work, can I downgrade to a previous version that worked for me?
  6. Moon_Raven

    Volume knob not working after updating to 2.81

    I did the FS7 & FS8 reset (without restoring my backup presets yet) and the volume knob is still not working, and the global settings are still freezing the whole unit.
  7. Moon_Raven

    Volume knob not working after updating to 2.81

    I did not, since I figured I don't need the 2.80 factory presets/templates, so I skipped the step 4 from the update instructions. I proceeded to restore the presets from my 2.71 backup. Is it safe to try the FS6 & FS8 reset now?
  8. Moon_Raven

    Volume knob not working after updating to 2.81

    I cannot do that - when I enter the second page of global settings, the Helix freezes completely and needs to be restarted. How can I fix THAT? Is there any way I cna just go back to the update that was working?
  9. Moon_Raven

    Use amp or go directly to speakers?

    Hello, I have been using Helix for 7-8 months and have listened to myself primarily through headphones. I have also been recording stuff using Helix. Now I want to start using it in studios and gigs and I am unsure whether to plug in Helix directly into speakers or to go into the guitar amp input? I also don't know how does this affect the presets I've been using. My presets all use a combo amp + cab block, which I guess I should change if I actually use a real amp? Thanks in advance :)
  10. Moon_Raven

    Use amp or go directly to speakers?

    Isn't high cut on 5-7 khz quite harsh?
  11. Moon_Raven

    Use amp or go directly to speakers?

    Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely try those EQ cuts! And what do you think about going stereo to FRFR? And did that versatility come with a cost of reduced tone quality compared to 4CM setup? Thanks for sharing the experience! I also tend to lie somewhere in between. I also tend to use the Helix just as you do - I have 3-4 main setups which I occasionally tweak and upgrade. And the convenience is the reason that's nudging me to go towards the FRFR setup, I am just afraid of tones losing some 'edge' when played through FRFR.
  12. Moon_Raven

    Use amp or go directly to speakers?

    Thank you very much for the replies! In fact I have researched a bit about 4CM and FRFR. 4CM seems too complicated when I just want to plug in and play without too much setting up on gigs. Same goes for 4CM with both amps and speakers. On the other hand, if I have understood correctly, FRFR means going directly to powered speakers. When I tried that, I sounded kind of 'muddy', probably because I have used presets designed for headphones. I guess I will have to have a copy of all presets and modify it for playing loud?
  13. Moon_Raven

    How to collapse USB output to mono?

    Hello, I have a stereo signal path that I would like to collapse to mono. When I use the 1/4 output, the signal gets collapsed automatically. However, I want the output to be set to USB and the only option I have is to make output stereo - USB 1/2, USB 3/4 etc. How can I select the output to be just USB 1, and send a collapsed mono signal through it?