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  1. yes, they sounded the same. My son is actually in Nashville Tennessee this week. Yesterday they recorded a demo CD with a guy named Jim Furrow down there. Jim commented to my son that it was the first time he had ever not mic'd an amp to record the guitar for a song. My son said, that Jim said it sounded great coming out of the 1500FH and going straight into his studio recording equipment. Then he wanted to know all about the amp, how long it had been out, what all it could do, bla bla bla... said he was considering buying one for the sudio.... They go to another studio today and do the same thing, will pass along what this guy says as well. T
  2. I may be slightly confused on your question but I "think" this is what I would do. You can run your keyboard into the FH1500 AND play your variax. If you did that, you could ditch the other stuff. Have on amp to carry, no power amp and enough volume to keep up with any other PA...
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    is 432 a half step down or full?
  4. yea that's exactly what the Sand Creek boys did wit it this weekend, sounded great. Also plugged the guitar into the system same way, stereo out to PA sounded awesome, best his guitar has sounded yet. Only problem he had was the volumes on his presets, they aren't totally transparent yet when he clicks through them. I think he has his pedal on the short board set at 90% max and 60% min. So he rolls pedal back selects a preset then rolls it in til its about right, on solos then just rolls it up. We're gonna work on leveling out though by going in and adjusting then saving so its transparent in the PA.
  5. Will do, they have a gig Saturday so have some real world with the PA
  6. oh, as far as I know, they haven't plugged it into the PA yet, was no need to at practice so I cant really say yet how it sounded that way...
  7. Got a 1500 Tuesday evening, 2/9/16. My son plays lead guitar in a band (Sand Creek Soul on FB). They are a Southern Rock/Blues/Country Band. Im an old washed up Metallica cover band guitar player and even though I bought the amp for my son Jacob, I plan to have fun with it on the side... hee hee! For reference Jacob is using my old Mesa Roadster and an M13 as his present gig-rig which sounds AWESOME together. We picked it up Tuesday afternoon and literally took it straight to band practice. First thing they did was turn it on and Bluetooth a Brad Paisley song to it, Wrapped Around I think was the name. Anyway they wanted to check how good it sounded and would it be loud enough for audio before and during breaks at gigs. It sounded really good, just like in a car or on a home stereo. The volume is NO concern at all, it gets LOUD and still sounds good there too. Now I'm a little behind the times on the next part, but I will say I was extremely impressed with the tone cloud, tone match and song library... That s#*!t is about as cool as it gets. It must be pretty easy to do also as these guys in the band are all 19 or 20 and they had that stuff working like they had used the amp a million times before. They searched the cloud for a tone match to that Paisley song, Jacob hooked up to his strat and adjusted the back track & guitar to even levels and tore into it. It really did sound just like the guitar in the song.. uber cool.... The bass player took his shot next, plugged the bass into it, sounds EXACTLY like a nice bass amp, not a guitar amp acting like a bass amp. Did the same thing with their Sigma electric acoustic. It sounded terrific. So, to answer the question above, what do you think? I think this is the most practical guitar "tool" I have ever seen. In a band situation it hits about every need you could have, but even if your not gigging its still a great piece of hardware. I think it will make you a better musician. The bluetooth back track, the tone match, the metronome, the effects & models its all you could ever need or want. I think I wish I had one when I was 19 It sounds AWESOME> With some very minor tweaks we got whatever we were looking for in the sound. My son puts down a spot-on nasty SRV Pride&Joy solos and all and we tweaked around until we got it just how he wanted and literally did a side by side with my boogie and M13 and you could not tell the difference. If anything the 1500 had a little better sound match to the original recording. We used the tone cloud and it started the SRV off with a Fender Blackface Verb, Ibanez screamer and something else although I cant remember what it was now. Anyhoo it wasn't perfect at first or at least not exactly what Jacob wanted but we dialed it in with just some simple treble/mid/bass adjusting. ......and yes, I finally got my turn and plugged my JPX6 into it and hit the cloud for some master of puppets.. was BAD A$$!
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