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  1. So I've the same issue. Never had problems, now I can't go more than 30 feet...updated firmware (that's not the issue), and have scanned (not the issue). Gonna sell mine and go with the Shure unit...done.
  2. Hi Mik - Did you ever find this? I did find that the part number is a Switchcraft 282. What is the TRS number? I can only find the stereo version which I might just buy and tie the two middle connections together - that will work I'm sure. Thanks - Chris
  3. Anyone have any ideas on this? I'm using a Hotspot only for the G70 - all other pedals are on the Voodoo pedal plus. I'm getting a buzz when I kick in my OD pedals using the 9v Hotspot. When i switch over to the USB power supply, the buzz is gone.... Chris
  4. How are you all powering your G70 Receiver? I know it says 500 ma's but I have it in a 200 ma Voodoo Power 2 Plus and it works fine...
  5. did you just take off the bottom plate? I see the 4 mini coax connectors. Are these the 4 you made fit tighter? The 4 under the yellow tape right?
  6. Where is this at? Same problem - Monkey takes long time to open and then nothing...it never really opens.
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