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  1. that sounds like a Marshall. :) Maybe its my guitar? I use an Ernie Ball Sting Ray guitar and a Tele. Can you tell me the settings you use? That is one thing I don't get...the Plexi doesn't have a gain or drive knob. where should this be on the Helix model to be like a Plexi? Thanks for any help.
  2. IMO the Helix Marshalls sound nothing like a Marshall. The 800 doesn't sound even close. That is one of my big problems with Helix. I don't own an Axe-FX, but I have played one and the Marshalls sound like Marshalls. :)
  3. Hi - probably not the place to be mentioning the "K" word, but I thought I would check to see if anyone was interested in trading an Helix Rack for a Kemper Profiler with gig bag and the following purchased profile packs: Micheal Britt: 69 Marshall Pack 800 Pack Driftwood Pack Guytron Pack Profile Pack 1 Profile Pack 2 Profile Pack 3 Tweedy Pack TopJimi: 87 Marshall Silver Jubilee Pack Tim Caswell AFD Pack DR Z Official Kemper profiles BurtonStock: Bogner XTC Brit 800 Excellent condition other there very very small ding on corner. See photos:
  4. Selling a Helix Rack - mint condition. about 3 months old. Ships with original box, manual, power cord, USB cable, and USB flash drive (documentation). Would like to get $1100 plus shipping. See attached photos.
  5. megadupe

    Channel Strip?

    Anyone use Helix as a DAW channels strip? I set PT up to reamp a couple of vocal tracks and it is pretty cool. With the quality effects in Helix, you can set up a nice strip. The only downside is you have to then record the new effects back into a new track. But it seems like the upcoming Helix Native would do the same thing as a plugin. Just curious if anyone else has tried this.
  6. Does anyone know if the Mac USB Driver for Helix is necessary? My Mac sees the USB Helix in/outs. Is there a reason to use the driver? Thanks, Jeff
  7. Just picked up the Helix LT. Love it. Bought it for studio because I only wanted the USB interface and not the mic preamp and all of the other ins/outs on the floor/rack. I would have a preferred a Helix LT Rack. So please don't put out a LT Rack Line 6. :)
  8. pilottes thanks for the cab settings. Sound awesome!
  9. In Pro Tools, try going to options/playback engine and selecting the Helix there.
  10. great post. Love my Helix as well. Would you mind sharing your patch (the Matchless)? thanks!
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. I've ordered the Control. Kind of wish I just ordered the floor helix originally as now I've spent much more on the Rack with Control. :)
  12. megadupe

    Midi CC question

    Thanks for all the help and replies. I ordered the Floor Control. It kind of sucks as I've now paid quite a bit more for the Helix that I could have gotten as an all in one unit. But oh well. Love the Helix. Thanks again everyone.
  13. I have the Helix Rack. I've realized I'm missing out a lot without the Floor version. Does the Helix Control add on provide all of the functionality of the Floor Helix (other than the Expression Pedal)? Thanks for any info
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