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  1. That sounds like a grounding issue somewhere honestly. What is you go Helix>Power Amp? Next step is to plugin JMP in 4cm like you would normally do, but disable Loop in a patch. If the setup is still quiet, enable loop. If its noisy at this point, it's gotta be one of the loop cables
  2. thanks guys, good point on the room mic
  3. any ideas anyone? to clarify, not talking about the review (haven't seen it even), just first 7 seconds of PremierGuitar intro riff
  4. Nah, I was just talking about PremierGuitar "theme" intro, first 7 seconds
  5. Hey guys, I am struggling with setting up a nice, punchy (but not brittle), convincing Marshall crunch on Helix. For the lack of a better example, below (the intro) is what I consider to be closest to my personal holy grail crunch tone as far as Marshalls go. Any tips on how to get there? Thanks!
  6. Nice tip on Optical Trem, it does thicken up the sound a bit
  7. Thanks everyone for chiming in. I actually ended up getting a full Helix instead, and pedal just works fine as expected there. Must have been something with my particular unit
  8. Reinstalled 2.21 firmware, did factory reset, the same thing. I happened to have a line 6 expression pedal for hd500x laying around, and the issue doesn't happen when I assign my volume blocks to that! Not sure if its a bug or I just got a dud, but I guess its gonna have to go back(
  9. yep, I did that, everything as per instructions. Appreciate the replies Phil. The only thing I haven't tried yet is a factory reset.
  10. Yeah, I went though all my sounds and made sure it's EXP2 across the board for a volume block. I am literally watching volume block settings when switching - I could be on 15%, switch to another preset and be on 45% without even touching the pedal. Maybe I need to do a factory rest and see what happens
  11. Hey guys, New Helix LT owner here (still withing return period), been hd500x user for years. Here is my problem. This is how I used to operate Hd500x: I would setup my presets (doesn't matter what's inside really), balance the levels to my liking, and then add a volume block at the end of each preset tied to expression pedal. This way I had sort of a master volume on my HD no matter which preset I am in. I knew that if I need to dial myself down, I will still be in balance volume-wise once I jump to another preset. Now with Helix, It seems to totally ignore the fact that I have set EXP1 and EXP2 position set to be Global, and when I switch between presets, it sets volume block pedal position to whatever it was when I saved it. IT DOESN'T apply the actual position of the pedal upon switching between presets. What do I do here? I MUST be able to control my overall unit level, and it just worked on HD500x. FYI, before I created any sounds on it, I went ahead and upgraded to 2.21 software, so all my patches are "native" 2.21. Am I missing something here? LOVE the unit, but this is becoming a showstopper. Giant volume jumps when going from preset to preset, not usable. Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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