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  1. Ux1 is pluged in and if you mean by audio input device the Asio selection at the device panel of cubase then yes, if no can you be please more specific? I mean im recording guitar sending dry signal to cubase. Right after that im selecting the pod farm plugin tlin the "Inserts" section putting my presets and its like its by passing it. The crazy thing is that it was working a couple of months before Thanks in advance
  2. Hello there! Im having an issue and i was wondering if anyone can help I have a ux1 and the podfarm 2.59/windows 10/ cubase 5.1 as stand alone, pod farm is working without any problems. Im recording dry signal with the ux1 in cubase 5.1 , so i can later adjust the sound however i want with the podfarm vst for some reason out of nowhere what ever i choose from the vst plugin , cubase just plays the recorded dry signal, its like Cubase is bypassing the plugin. ive tried re-installing everything but still didnt work..im sure its something very simple but i cant see it at the moment thanks in advance
  3. Update: HUM eliminator not working at all
  4. A short update that might help some of you guys After trying a lot of things , I found a solution that works at least for me. If you are using a lap top REMOVE the charger and let it run on battery. It seems that there is a ground loop created while having the charger on. For desktop users I dont have any solution,sorry. I will also try the following days combining a HUM eliminator to see if it works
  5. Greetings I was recently having the same problems of getting extreme static/RF while running the pod farm through a UX1 on my laptop. i also tried everything , testing different cables , different instruments etc etc. The I simply thought to take the charger off and then it was gone. I had to record dry signal to be used for reamping , but when i sent the a small sample before proceeding further with the whole album recording , i got an email from the sound engineer saying that all the levels were fine but the only major problem was this static RF. The qestion is , if there is any way of eliminating the static/rf (and no, noise gate is not an option) when the charger is on because its creating a bit of problems. If not then maybe nuying something else would be the best option , even if not desired considering that i spent money on line6 because i thought would be the best for that.
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