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  1. Basically what I said which contradicts what I was told. I suspect the 1.75 version is the "newest." which works and there is no thoughts going into upgrading it to resemble the HD or making the HD compatible with the 700. The trial by error will continue until the frustration level mandates more time away before toothpicks are made.
  2. It appears as if I wasted a few hours trying to figure this out. Bottom line is bad gouge. I was told to use Workbench HD and it would be the shizzle coupled with the old Workbench is no longer. Well HD probably works for the "newer" models but did not work for me with the antiquated 700 that still has the plastic protective covering on the back panels. And although Workbench is not under the Windows 10 system, I found one that worked under Windows 7 or 8. It did require an additional install of Java if you're not already equipped. Now I am down to trying to determine how to upload presets to the guitar. For instance do I need to have the instrument selector switch pulled out or pushed in. Looks like I've managed to get rid of some awful presets so I know something is going on. I guess a few more hours and hopefully this boat will no longer require the constant input of cash. For those that may be in the same predicament, I'll let you know what I find as a good user manual has yet to be found.
  3. If Workbench HD does not work with the 700, is there a different Workbench that is compatible?
  4. Slowly coming around to testing out a new to me Variax 700. In fact I just even though I've had it in my possession for a while, I just registered it. I was told I would need to install Workbench and Monkey in order to adjust/change custom settings. So I did thinking I could figure out how to download to the guitar. After installing Workbench HD and ensuring all updates on the Monkey were current, I was still back to square one. So I asked again and was then told ,much to my chagrin, in order to install custom tunings/guitars for the selector switch, I would need to use a Line6 interface. Was contemplating upgrading my system and trading in the other guys stomp box for the HD500 or even better the Helix, but wisely(? to be determined,) I bought the Line6 USB interface. Nothing like the pictures, but I'm glad it's not as big as I thought it would be. Regardless, I'm beginning to feel like I've just bought another boat. I can successfully connect to the computer and both lights go steady GREEN when I have the TRS 1/4" inch and Variax cable plugged into the guitar. What get's me is the Workbench HD pop up blocker that states: The connected Variax is not compatible with Workbench HD. You must use a James Tyler Variax version 2.00 or higher. I was originally sold on the ability to adjust the custom tunings. There are some installed, but way out of whack. I saw a possible workaround for the Mac's but not sure it works for iOS. I've searched the Forums and found where others had issues of batteries or no 1/4" cable plugged in. That would lead to it should work.
  5. Not sure if you bought the guitar yet or not, but a more proper answer as I understand is warranted. I'm new to the Line 6 Variax (recently purchased a mint condition 700 that does not have the built in ALT TUNING knob). And here is what I believe to be a more definitive answer for you or others out there contemplating the Variax purchase. (Stores in my area did not have any to test. This is the main reason I did not go with the new style (ALT Tuning knob) for more than double the cost of a "tester") You can download the Workbench HD software for free. You may need to also download load the Line 6 Monkey. When I downloaded WBHD it said it needed the Monkey. I already had it installed for a UX-2 from years ago. Now more importantly, you will need a Line 6 device that is compatible with the VDI cable (UX2 is not) if you plan to digitally alter tuning/tone/guitar or what not via Workbench. A simple USB cord that you might have used in the past for other equipment/recording/... will not plug into the guitar port and therefore will not work. Someone posted their brand new Variax from ordered from Line 6 guitar did not come with the VDI but I've read where it came with one. I can see both sides for and against including one but charging a $100.00 for an interface (if you don't have 500HD, Helix, or other compatible device) although cheaper than the fore mentioned, is walking the line. Some may say you are getting the hardware free. Well, nothing is free. Hope this helps and I wish you luck.
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