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  1. Ok, rebooted it and still there...
  2. Because I am getting the noise on Pod Farm too I doubt its the POD HD. I will give it a shot and reboot it and see what happens all the same.
  3. Well i have played it through an Avid 11 Rack too wirh the same thing, even through my Pod Farm there is still a little noise like my sample. The guitar came installed with EMG-81/7's, however I swapped the bridge pick up to a EMG 707 using the quick connect feature. I get this noise through both bridge and neck pick ups.
  4. Im not quite sure if this will work as the delay noise is till there when its disconnected and away from the computer.
  5. Yeah thats the thing thats bothering me...
  6. Try this one https://soundcloud.com/cyberlip/test
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/96epvli0lmpp4q8/My%20Song%2014.mp3
  8. Here is my tone https://www.dropbox.com/s/96epvli0lmpp4q8/My%20Song%2014.mp3
  9. Noise is still there when I disconnect it from the computer. I have tried it in other rooms/power sockets too.
  10. Tried it out, and I was getting more noise with it on Mic lol so took it back to same and its better. I dont really know what to try next, as I have a brand new top quality guitar lead and new guitar so Im sure its not them. I know people get good tones using actives through the Pods so its possible...Just wondering what Im doing wrong lol
  11. Hi guys, been getting some annoying noise when playing my EMG loaded guitar through my Pod HD Bean. My passive loaded guitar works fine. I have turned down the gain and still get noise with the EMG's...somebody had suggested that I uncheck the +18db box in the audio settings but I cant find this? I am using a Mac and are running the latest Pod HD drivers according to Line 6 Monkey... Help? Advice? Thanks!
  12. Thanks man. Like I said, just need something to troubleshoot with. If it helps the noise I am getting then I will know to order a official Line 6 one. this is the noise I am getting... https://soundcloud.com/sdsm/my-song-2
  13. Oh sorry, just noticed you can get them from this site! However I need to troubleshoot it first before spending the money to be sure....Any tips to determine the problem? Its just causing more noise then usual in my signal and I have ruled out leads, guitars, etc...
  14. Hi I think I may have a faulty ac adapter for my Pod HD Bean. Anybody know where I can get a replacement, or if there is an alternative? I live in Australia by the way, so I need something suited for my region (PAL) Thanks! :)
  15. Oh and it wasnt stone silent before, just didnt have that 'whoosh' noise.
  16. Hi Im just going straight into the computer via usb and into Logic. There are no changes to my patch or the POD at all and didnt reposition anything. So far the only thing that I can think of is perhaps power inteference. I am using a fairly straight forward patch, just noise gate, TS, Tube Compressor and the Treadplate sim, just a nice basic patch without any delay or reverb. As I said this often comes on quite randonly, I am wondering if any other POD HD Hi Gain users get this? Im hoping it isnt my unit :(
  17. Hi guys Been jamming today with my LTD SC-607B through the POD HD Bean, and all was good at first. Switched it off, came back later and then, without tweaking my patch at all, I started to get this annoying noise trailing my chugs. I have tried out a few lead cords and the same thing, and I am getting the same noise through both bridge and neck pick ups. Here is a recording of what I mean. Its driving me crazy. Like I said, it was fine just minutes earlier until I turned it off for a while. Came back and here we are. https://soundcloud.com/sdsm/my-song-2 Anybody else experienced this or something similar? I just put in a brand new battery for my EMG's too I have tried plugging the POD into other power sockets around the house and same thing I have tried another guitar with passive pick ups and same thing This comes on randomly from time to time
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