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  1. I don't believe you can use the EB jr as an actual expression pedal for the HD, ie, wah. You can use it as a separate volume pedal though, that it will do. Pretty sure I have tried to use it before for the 2nd exp. pedal, no dice. Yuo can try it though.
  2. I plug my HD500 straight into my BillM heavily modified Blues Jr. No effects loop, plug straight into the amp. Make SURE the HD front panel swithes near the volume foot pedal are on "Amp" and NOT "Line/Studio". If you don't put it on "Amp", you will be clipping the input to the Fender, and it will sound like crap. Also, make sure the switch that says "pad" is NOT on "pad", I can't remember the other setting. I get a buzzy hum from that setting when my guitar volume knob is all the way down. I use full amp models to my BJ as well, but make sure you are hitting the Fender with too hot of a signal first. Good luck HD500 takes some tweaking and knowledge of its quirks and gain stages, but I am really happy with mine.
  3. Check out Lincoln Brewster's patches for the HD500 Lincoln Brewster Main 2012 (by Geekydaddy), and see what he is using for Cab/Mic, and especially check out his EQ at the end of the chain. I found I have to lower the AMP gain between 50-60 instead of 81, and add a little bit of treble, but Lincoln is the king of great, non-fizzy tone.
  4. Try the ground/lift switch next to the expression pedal. Other than that, it is probably noise coming from the wall, dirty power....I actually use a Furman P-1800 PF....works really well.
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