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  1. Yep, I don't mean it's a complicated operation, I'm just confused it's not that well documented in the release note, and quite a bit unexpected. We could easily imagine the upgrade progress doing the backup and restore by itself :) Not so strange for me. Upgrading my phone OS does not wipe all my contacts :) Thanks all for your previous help, I hope I can upgrade ASAP!
  2. Thanks a lot for the confirmation regarding the backup. Avoiding the voodoo trick is even better. Thanks for mentioning this post. It's the first time I will update the helix (well second time, but I have updated right after purchase), I find it a bit confusing that the fact that updating the firmware erases all the custom configuration. It's not mentioned in the download page and not everybody crawls this forum. Some may have surprises...
  3. I have not updated my helix LT because we are finishing a record session. But this post from @Digital_Igloo tends to say that upgraging the firmware restores absolutely all the custom configuration. Is this true ? I mean, do we really have to perform a FULL backup (not only patches), upgrade, then restore the backup ? What I would like is updating my helix LT from 2.92 to V3.00, without losing my patches, but updating the factory presets. So far, what I have understood is : - backup my custom patches / setlists - update HxEdit - Update the helix LT firmware from HxEdit - Press some voodoo knobs to restore the factory presets at start - Restore my patches/setlist backup. - done ? Is this ok ? Or do I really need a full system backup/restore ? Thanks by advance.
  4. Hello, Looks like this has been somehow discussed here and there, but the tuner of my helix LT, after a long time ON, becomes unresponsive. It stays like stuck on Gb. I have changed the input to be guitar only, as someone on this forum suggested, but no luck. It has happened 4/5 times. The only fix is to reboot. Which is a PITA and scary for stage. I have read that a bug introduced in 2.90 caused input lag, but not much more. (and it had potentially been fixed) Am I the only one with this bug ? Thanks.
  5. I don't get this, what is it supposed to fix ? The fact that the transmitter incorrectly reports the receiver capacity when it's plugged into the guitar ? @PierM "quickly" is maybe a bit overrated :)
  6. We all hope for a firmware update, but line6 support told me there was none on track for the moment. @cruisinon2 I'm so sorry, instead of answering you, I clicked 'report post'.
  7. Unfortunately, welcome on board :/ Line6 is very quiet about all those issues. No hope for an update for the next few days.
  8. Hi all, I have not been table o follow those topics the last few days. Just an update from my support ticket last week or so. Well, I just give up with line 6 support. Once things go back to "normal" in Europe, I will send my transmitter back, and if lucky, I will sell it. It's just useless for me with such a poor battery life. As far as I can read, even fresh new G10T experience the same issue. It does not surprise me, as our units worked very well just before the firmware update. This firmware is just crappy, there's just nothing more to say. And relay G10 is definitely not something to recommend anymore.
  9. I have asked line6 support the old firmware files, but they have refused my request. I have also asked if a firmware update is on the track, waiting for an answer at the moment.
  10. ok thanks for reply. I don't really know what to do... I stay persuaded that replacing the transmitter will not have any effect in battery life. :(
  11. @PierM Where have you bought yours ? I'd like a replacement too, but the support wants me to contact my reseller, which is closed for i-dont-know-how-long...
  12. kudos to line6 for replacing your whole unit. I have only been told to contact my reseller. I suppose that's useless as your brand new unit has poor battery life too. Let's hope a firmware fix in the next weeks :(
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