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  1. sorry guy's I clicked on the wrong post. :D
  2. Anyone know of a wireless system that transmits a balanced signal for Taylors?
  3. Anyone know of a wireless system that transmits a balanced signal for Taylors?
  4. So I guess that wireless systems will not work on Taylor guitars with a balanced system. Anyone know of a wireless system that transmits a balanced signal for Taylors?
  5. Does this unit act as a (trs) balanced signal, such as Taylor guitars use?
  6. Does G-10 transmit a balanced (trs) signal like Taylor guitars use?
  7. Thanks guys; I will try your suggestions. I'll let you know if it works. And yes I tried different USB ports.
  8. timthompson

    POD HD Edit

    I have installed Line6 monkey, and updates were successful. and installed pod hd edit, and when I pull up hd edit , it gives me this message: Could not detect a POD HD connected to your computer. POD HD Edit will run in offline mode. could anyone tell me what I need to do. TX Tim
  9. may have your input gain too high, and it causes digital distortion and thats what the clicking sounds like.
  10. for PA use line . come out of L&R output into 2 DI's and run xlr's to your PA system. And come out of your headphone jack with a 1/4" cable and run to your amp for your own personal monitor.
  11. I come out of my 1/4" left and right into direct boxes and run xlr's from DI's to mixing board.
  12. set your amp model to tube pre., that is as transparent as bypass, it has no cabinet or mic on it. Set eq flat.
  13. "His learning curve broke!!!!!!!"
  14. so you are saying there is the same amount of converters you go through whether going analog or digital?
  15. Is there any difference in quality of recording into a computer interface vs analog XLR outs?
  16. You can turn it to tube pre amp. Thats as close as you can get to no amp. It has no cab or mic or tone controls, Thats what I do. Tim
  17. I use the EMG ACB 250 .pickups/emg-acb-banjo-pickup-system . It is a very good pickup system, It sounds more natural the further you pick from the bridge. It still has some magnetic qualities when you pick close to the bridge, but you can adjust the pickup forward and backwards, closer and further away from the head to get your tone. "No Feedback" $229
  18. Unless you use a ton of effects, I recomend the 500. You can pick one up one for about $250 used. Thats what 1 good distortion pedal cost.
  19. I have a 5 string banjo,with a EMG banjo pickup in it, and want to run it in my HD500, has anyone had any experience with using it in the pod? If so what kind of eq and settings are you using to make it sound good? Thanks Tim
  20. Thanks so much Duncann, I bought a 3/16" Allen wrench and it worked like a charm. The volume burst was when I tried to Give it a boost, it was so sensitive, it would go down too far.
  21. my expression pedal is to easy to use. WHAT kind of tool and size of tool do I need to tighten the pedal, where it will be harder to mash? anyone have that problem? I am tired of volume burst.
  22. Thanks Guys, I appreciate your input. I will try your suggestions. Thanks
  23. I am having a problem with sensitivity of my volume pedal. The first 30 percent of my volume pedal hardly making much volume change, and most of the volume coming in at 70 - 100 pecent. any Idea how to change taper rate? also my expresion pedal is too easy to push.
  24. try the vetta comp with the sensitivity on about 50% and level on 50% in front of your amp model. This gives a new modern country sound. Tim
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