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  1. Thanks guy's, yall have give me some good advise. I'll try some of these things. You guys rock. Tim
  2. Any hd500 modern country players out there that would like to share which modeled compressors you use, and setting for modern country/blues. (like Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Luke Brian, Hunter Hayes).
  3. Thanks hurghanico, I'll try them. :) I have been useing the boost comp.
  4. I like the compressor that line 6 put in the first pod and pod 2.0 and wish that it was an option on my hd500, if anyone knows what comp. on the hd500 is closest to that comp, please post it. thanks
  5. TRY THIS LINK. http://royfinley.com/?page_id=892 LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.
  6. I use chorus for 1 or 2 songs,some times a compressor will take the attack sound to a new level, but use reverb, and delay all the time. TimThompson
  7. Hold down you VEIW button til a new menu pops up, use down button til you get to input. set source 2 input to variax and it will kill the noise. hope this helps. TimThompson (Tweekhead)
  8. Try setting your 2nd input to Variax and it will kill a ton of noise. It works for me on my HD500. let me know if it works. tweekhead (TimThompson)
  9. Hey guy's, I a 40 year veteran looking for the ultamate in your face stereo crunch tone with killer sustain, and trails, for strat or tele. I'M a new hd500 owner.
  10. Are you using a noise gate in the chain? If not put in the noise gate and adjust the threshhold starting at 0 going up until the noise is gone. Also check your input and see if your setting for the second source is set on same. If it is, change it to Variax and the noise will dissapear.
  11. Thanks Geekydaddy for those patches, YOUR AWESOME. from TWEEKAHOLIC.(Tim Thompson)
  12. tweekaholic

    1. timthompson


      Im 53 and free to tweek.

  13. I am looking for costum patches that are authentic killer tones, such as Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Hunter Hayes, and Jason Aldeans guitarist on a HD500. I want that "Spank" saturated sound. Anyone have any great tones? Tim Thompson
  14. I am looking for some authentic country tones such as Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Hunter Hayes, with that saturated sound that some people call "Spank". Thanks Tim
  15. I set my second input to variax and it cuts the noise. Tim
  16. Try and set your second input to variax and it cuts the noise. Tim
  17. How do I save different input settings to different patches on HD500?
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