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  1. Well I should have said favorite and not like. I like the 5150 and Dual rec but there are some amps I like more like the EVH5150III, Triple Rec, Engl Invader and Diezel VH4. It's also nice to have more amps to try out to find your dream tone. There are only a handful of modern high gain amps in the Helix right now.
  2. I think some of you guys are not understanding why a lot of people like more amps. It's because it has a better chance of having amps that we will like. Axe FX has so many amps that it has just about all the amps that I like and want to play.
  3. Well I guess I'll have to try it but from my understanding you can't control everything from the controller. I'm always changing between different amps and cabs(or IRs) and things besides just the amp controls.
  4. yeah I really hope they release the Helix editor soon because it's so much easier editing on a computer rather than on the unit. Why don't you use your Kemper?
  5. Wow just called zzounds and they have more preorders than orders coming in for the first batch. They don't know exactly when the next batch will come. He said probably around a month after but he's not sure. They are waiting on line 6 to let them know. Sucks I'll have to wait longer but it's a good thing that these are looking to sell well because that means more support and potential add ons/upgrades.
  6. Thanks a lot for the review and replies! How was the Mesa cab compared to the Pod HD series? It's almost unusable to me in the HD series even though it's one of my favorite cabs.
  7. yeah that's too bad. That's something I do all the time. I'm always switching between amps and cabs and stuff and that's the biggest pain when it comes to editing on a floor unit. Oh well, at least I can just use the computer edit.
  8. Right I actually forgot about that although you can't do everything via the pedal edit mode though right? could you scroll between amps and cabs via pedal edit mode?
  9. For me the most valuable part of a computer editor is not having to bend down to make adjustments. That's a huge pain. I'm someone who is always tweaking too.
  10. Were the reverbs better than the HD versions? I know they are the same pretty much but was wondering if they did sound better. You say that the high gain amps sounded pretty decent but do you feel that way about the Kemper and Axe FX II? It's great the hear that the cam sims were way better than the HD ones because the HD cabs are pretty bad. It would be cool to have a modeler that doesn't need IRs to sound great. Is it really worth getting one if you already own a Pod HD because unfortunately they both have the same exact amps.
  11. how do they compare to the Axe FX or Kemper? Is this something that is in the same league or is it a step down?
  12. I wish they would make a new cab model pack because the current ones are really lacking. The metal model pack's amps don't seem to get along well with the current cabs either.
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