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  1. Do you guys know how Line 6 modeled the Mark IV? I know the real amp has the push pull knobs for some of the controls like Bass(deep) and Treble (shift).
  2. The 3 Sigma Audio IRs are cool but I do find them to be a bit fizzy. Combining the 5 and 1 helps though. I would suggest checking out Ownhammer cabs. They are the most neutral and flexible IRs out there IMO.
  3. I really hope they add new HX reverbs to the Helix. I love reverb and often use FX heavy sounds and it would be nice to have reverbs of the same quality of everything else in the Helix.
  4. And that sounds reasonable. I just hope it doesn't take forever. The Helix has been out now for close to a year. The thing that has dissapointed me the most is the SPDIF audio drop out issue I've (and others) been having with no fix yet. I do really like the Helix though and am still glad I bought it.
  5. Well considering I paid $1500 for it and the fact Line 6 said they are going to expand it makes me feel entitled to it.
  6. why would anyone criticize someone for wanting more content added for a flagship product? It's a $1500 modeller that is in competition with Kemper and Fractal. Fractal constantly updates the Axe FX and it's quality. It's silly to only buy the Helix for what it is now when its competitors offer many updates and that fact that Line 6 said much more is to come.
  7. I have the same issue with my Helix going into the my Saffire Pro 40. This is something that really needs to be fixed.
  8. I have a question regarding the Helix's SPDIF input. Is it possible to send a DI track from my Saffire Pro 40's SPDIF output into the Helix's SPDIF input to reamp? I tried doing it but couldn't get any signal from my Helix. I normally use the Helix SPDIF output into the Saffire Pro SPDIF input to track/monitor the Helix and I can get a signal. Just wanted to know if I can do it in reverse. I'd appreciate you guys' help!
  9. Mesa Mark IV or V, Mesa Triple Rectifier, EVH 5150 III, Diezel VH4, Framus Cobra, an HX version of the Big Bottom amp!. For effects I really really would like a Dimension chorus. Also new reverbs, a POG, polyphonic pitch shifter and synth effects. Oh and a darkglass pedal for bass!
  10. yeah it's a bug that they are working on (hopefully). I have the same problem. They have acknowledged the problem and say they are working on it. It's pretty lame though. That's a pretty big bug to have IMO. I'm optimistic about it though and I'm sure they will eventually fix the problem.
  11. I don't see how since I can't run one amp with two IRs using the 2048 sample.
  12. Yeah I wish there was more DSP power. This kind of alarms me for future firmware updates. Definitely no ultra high res IRs.
  13. Just wanted to make a comment about Line 6's customer service. I was having some issues with my Helix and made a post about it on TGP. Before I could even contact Line 6 about it Frank, their SR Director of Operations contacted me and they went above and beyond what I ever would have expected from any company. Their customer service is the best I've ever dealt with from any company. Line 6 is are definitely out there listening which gives me great piece of mind with my Helix.
  14. Yes I plugged in a Mogami Gold instrument cable into the send/return with no pedal or anything and it still makes noise.
  15. The FX loop in the Helix is very noisey for me. Even when I have the Pedal in the loop(keeley 4 knob compressor) turned off but with the FX loop block on it is very noisey still. What could be the problem?
  16. ericjutsu

    Helix issues

    Yes all the audio from the Saffire drops out for a second or so when I have the Helix connected via SPDIF.
  17. ericjutsu

    Helix issues

    yeah I might end up returning the Helix because of this. When the audio drops out, anything being recording is also dropped out. That pretty much makes me unable to use the Helix to record if connected via SPDIF. I really don't want to use the other outputs because of how I have everything else in the studio connected to the Saffire.
  18. If you only got it a few weeks ago just return it and get a new one.
  19. ericjutsu

    Helix issues

    Anyone having any issues with the LAstudio compressor? When I have it last in my chain and save the preset and come back to it, the preset is at a much lower volume than with it bypassed even when it wasn't like that when I saved it (with the LAcompressor engaged.) I'm also having intermittent audio drop outs when using the Helix via SPDIF. Not just the Helix but audio for my computer in general. It's just for a second and then kicks back in. I'm using a Saffire Pro 40 audio interface and Windows 7. Both the Saffire and the Helix are at 44.1. I'm using a Hosa Cable DRA503 SPDIF Digital Transfer Cable - 9.9 Foot. I did not have this problem when using the Pod HD500.
  20. How does the Pod HD's Dimension Chorus stack up to the original? Man I really hope it's added. At least now I have reverse delay. The Tri chorus is a cool substitute for the time being.
  21. I'm a little confused on how to route the Helix for certain things. How do I use two 2048 IRs with one amp? I know I have to route one of the IRs to the other DSP but then how do I do that so it's one amp with two IRs? Also how do you run dual rigs but have the pre amp and post amp FX be shared? THanks.
  22. great! Now all I need is Dimension Chorus and I'm set.
  23. I have tried the other ones and they are great. The Tri Chorus is a good substitute but I still want Dimension Chorus!
  24. I really hope Dimension Chorus is added soon. It's the only thing I'd keep my Pod HD for which is lame because I need to sell it.
  25. ericjutsu


    yeah I use the reverse delay (and Dimension chorus) a lot. I really hope they get added because I really don't use the Pod HD500 in the loop due to space constraints and the fact that it will looks more messy with the extra cables.
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