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  1. I have used my powered monitors and my Engl tube power amp ( just like a regular pa amp, it has no pre amp) I have been comparing the Mesa setting on the helix to my Mesa dual rectifier, it does have a lot in common but I have not got the helix to match the sound yet. This could be using a pair of studio monitors or the Jbl pa speakers can not match my Marshall 4-12 cab for sound. So I'm asking how have other helix users been doing and what are you using for speakers?
  2. Shouldn't made a difference but had had the 8 ohm jbl's pluged into the 16 ohm output. So I changed that also. Getting ready to try out my 1960a Marshall cab on this set up. I'll give my pa a try out too.
  3. Got my Engl doing well with the helix. Think I had a bad 1/4 cable.
  4. Are you running through the Marshall 4-12 cab? I am a big fan of the 1960a cab. I have yet to run my helix through the cab yet, think I'm going to try it. Gain sounds good. I tried something like this today on a high gain setting and got endless sustain on my rr neck through Jackson
  5. I had screen flicker on start up one time, did a reset and so far so good. 1.00.0 firmware So far no lock ups.
  6. jar1zx

    How to reset?

    Today when I turned the helix on it ran a bunch of lines across screen at end of boot up. It turned on fine but I was missing a factory pre set, and sound wasn't the best. I have seen people speak about different resets....so what is the one I need and how to do it? My helix is on fist 1.00.0 firmware. I have had no blackouts ( screen or scribble pads) I'm planning on staying with this firmware for at least till next update. Maybe the windows 10 thing will be fixed soon. Anyways thx in advance
  7. You could most likely play your helix straight into one of your pa amps, the helix would be the pre amp. Just think of my engl as a crown amp with tubes. ( easiest way to explain it) When I was I kid I couldn't afford an amp so I played my guitar through a realistic radio my dad had, after I found a radio shack reverb at a yard sale for a buck. Think I ran in through aux input with rca cables. I didn't use the reverb much back then but I got some killer distortion by using the mic gain.
  8. Basically all you need is a pre amp. Most any fx board will work. Engl did make a pre amp for this but they are not common. This engl tube power amp is not real common here. Mesa boogie made a fifty fifty tube power amp and I see more of them on Craigslist. Never seen one of mine on Craigslist around here. So don't worrie it's no biggie. I just need to tweak the helix till I find the right settings with the engl. The boss gt100 did sound better on the Engl, when played with the gt100 I didn't have static. Other that that the helix outperforms the gt100. And the helix sounds real nice on my studio monitors, way better than the gt100 did.
  9. Ralph this amp has no pre amp, no pre amp stage so there is no fx loop as there is no pre amp stage to put fx behind or in front. My Mesa dual rec does have a pre amp stage and a amp stage, so I could use the 4cm with helix. But I'm pretty much happy with Mesa dual rec how it is. My powered monitors are doing well with helix
  10. More time I spend on it the better it gets. I'm sure the more time that goes by and line 6 will put a lot more in to this. Sounds great now, and easy to use. I'm happy with it as it is. I'm sure after more updates from line 6 this will get even better. Only thing I really want is a Mesa mark amp, 2+ or iv or 5 then it will be perfect for me. But for now I have endless sounds to try out.
  11. That's the one, it can be set to line or instrument. I set it to instrument with the engl tube power amp to take away a lot of hiss. Just hooked up my KRK vtx4 self powered monitors and no hiss or anything. Sounds pretty good this way. I'm kinda torn because the Engl tube power amp 2x50 sounds really good to and with way more power. """My Engl power amp has no pre amp"""" it's a rackmount amp
  12. That one didn't help as I'm not running xlr, but I found some other setting in global that cut this hiss way back. And I played with eq cuts a little. Still some hiss but that might be fan on amp lol. Way better now.
  13. Got mine yesterday also Ordered last Sunday at the store. Guess just dumb luck that it work out so well for me. I was told I would wait much longer.
  14. Hi D I got an Asus G751 so it's going to have a gaming vid card, if you have one of these pc's around give it a try. ( windows 10) Till y'all get this worked out I'm staying on the firmware my helix came with 1.0 .
  15. I really got some good tones out of mine last night. I have a few things to work out but I can see this working well for me. It's real easy to use also. I liked the cleans on the divided by 13 and the fawn vox
  16. My bad I re read this thread. I have a high pitched constant hiss.
  17. Op was pretty much dead on the sound he said he got, it's a constant high hz stactic sound. One could say it sound like a white noise. I would guess the noise to be in the 3k-5k range
  18. I'm running in to an Engl tube power amp 2x50 and I have static sound. I might give that a try (boss gt100 didn't do this) I do have a set of KRK vtx4 I can try the helix on.
  19. Damn spell check, I meant I have a new "Pc" not a pic. So should I stay with firmware that comes on the helix from factory or wait for fix???? I do kinda like easy.
  20. Tomorrow I should get my helix in, I have a new pic with windows 10. Should I leave helix un updated? And wait till the os10 glitch is fixed?
  21. Btw think I seen sweet water giving a $50 discount on the hd500x today. 10% off. Not a dumping price so maybe line 6 will keep it going as long as people keep buying. Still a lot of business in the $500 price range, don't see why line 6 would give up on something they did so well at.
  22. When I'm dead I'm sure I will not worry about my guitars. I would hope my wife doesn't sale them while I'm alive. Then again I didn't give her a key to my shop or the code to my gun safe.
  23. I'm still thinking the helix is in its own class. For the price of the axe fx and floor unit I would go buy one of the amps that I like. In ten years from now a good tube amp taking care of will hold its value. This fx boards in ten years will not. But with helix ($1500) I can not go buy one of the amps that I want at this price, and with the helix I get some amps I want and others I would like to try at a good price point. Also I have limited room for amps and cabs so the helix just makes sense. Again if I was just looking into helix or axe fx I would not sale my high end tube amp just to fund the purchase. Tube amps go down in price after you walk out of the store but from that point they don't drop in value, years later lots of amp will go up again. Helix, kemper, axe fx are all in the moment, 5-10 years from now these will not hold there value when the new tech is out.
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