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  1. But yea....some of us are getting errors unless you count turning the helix on as a user error.
  2. My screen got lines on start up and helix would come close to freezing up. But after last reset it has been ok. Guess I finally did the reset right. Other thing is if I go exploring through presets the helix would start to make static sounds and distortion. Today I felt lucky and tried out 5 amps with no problems. ( wonder if it's possible to run out of memory?) I don't understand this one because once I click on a new preset the old one should have closed out on its own. But a simple power off and back on fixes this. Something can be wierd with looper if I'm looping cords and playing over and pick a different amp to solo over it will kick looper off and try to glitch. I'm still on 1.00.0 firmware and some of this might be fixed by update, I'm just waiting for next update to come out. Helix is still new and line 6 is working on the bugs for us so it should be ok. Even with bugs/glitches the helix is pretty good Helix with bugs fixed will be amazing.
  3. jar1zx

    Factory reset?

    Hold down the 9 and 10'while turning on helix. Think 10/11'and 11/12 works also. Look at your cheat sheet. The touch/ stomps are given a number
  4. Good point I posted my two bugs/ glitches I'm having under the helix bug thread up top of the page.
  5. Not sure if this has been brought up. My screen will glitch up, mostly on start up. A reset will fix this for awhile. My other issue is kinda weird. Ok if I play on one pre set, I could play all day I bet with no trouble. But if I try to check out all the pre sets my helix will..........I'm going to struggle for words now and say it acts like a pic with to many pages open, gets slow and sounds have clicking noises, small amount of distortion. A simple turn off and come back later fixes this. Again if I just check out 4 or 5 pre sets my helix sounds great and has no problems unless I use the looper, the change pre set. I can even change a pre set to my liking without any problems as long as I stay on it. I am still on firmware 1.00.0 because I'm a little worried about the black screen issue on the other firmware
  6. Ok after saying that I will say I really like my helix and I believe I will keep it for along time, I do believe the line6 dev's will get this sorted out. So far out of all the many fx boards I have had. This is the best looking, sounding and easiest to use. So I'm working around the few glitches it has till the fix is here. I've had mine less than two weeks so I've still got a lot of time to wait.
  7. Ok I can see your point but maybe you are forgetting about the new guy who scraped up $1499 to buy a helix and it's freezing up and doing the black screen. And they come here for answers maybe not even signing up. And the ones that do sign up are attacked for even asking about the new line 6 product they just got and at that moment they feel like the stupidest person ever for spending that much money on a helix they can't trust to play a gig. Luckily I read the forum a lot before joining and before I bought my helix. So I'm not bugging the devs about it, I found out a few problems after I ordered the helix by reading in here. And the guys at line 6 have dropped hints about getting the bugs worked out. I would love to know when my helix will work properly but I haven't asked that ever in one of my post. I'm just keeping the date in my mind of when I got it and the day that return expires. Hope line 6 fixes bugs I have before then because I will not be butt hurt with a product that is faulty.
  8. Hey Digital_lgoo Even the newbies ( like me) have learned that you can't disclose what you are working on. The net is filled with brilliant people that know everything , law, Dr, engineering and so on. But with saying that, none of us expected you or any other line 6 staff to respond to this thread or any like it. Kinda like beating a dead horse. We all have seen the line six crew stand on this policy. You say you can lose your job, that is a good explanation for all of us.
  9. My helix was a brand new sealed in plastic and many boxes. And I still had a problem such as yours. Reset works like a champ. I think hold down last two buttons on bottom ( far right) as you turn helix on. I used two just one step over
  10. Hey OP Lol jk I've seen ya post before, kinda remember the name. Ok I'm running 1.00.0 firmware same as you and I had screen glitch a little. Try a reset, seemed to help for me. My 2nd bug is that after running through a bunch of pre sets or changing them my helix will put out a little distortion. A simple power on an off seem to fix this. I'm waiting for the big fix before I update. This little stuff I can handle. Use the reset the clears out the most, what ever does a total system reset will be the one you want. Hope this helps, it worked for me
  11. Yes that is the one I seen. The guy talks about the helix's plimsoul doing 98% of the magic but if you wanted to you could hook up any fx pedal. And he did play a real plimsoul on the fx loop. Anyway it's ok I just thought that was misleading (at least the way I took it). But reason for thread has been answered and I can stop looking for an fx that's not here.
  12. I hooked my Marshall cab to the Engl and wow! I did try my pa helix-mackie-crown-jbl's. I need to work with my pa setup more as sound was something that left me wanting. Going to say I'm still a newbie with PA system and pro audio, and my crown amp is a class d power amp. Going to defend the crown real fast in saying I have played music through my PA system and it sounded great. The early days of class d amps were used mostly for bass as the class d THD is kinda high but playing at low frequency with a distortion level that the human ear could not pick up. And in car audio the class d would put out more energy than class A,B. That is a big thing when you are getting your power from batteries and alt's on a 12-15 volt system. But nowadays class D amps can play midrange and highs really well. The added bonus with class D amp is light weight and less heat. So I'm going to study my mixer a little more before hooking the Helix to it again. And I think my Yamaha amp is class A power so I may give it a try. Class A or class A/B power amps have the best clarity with low THD ( total harmonic distortion) but they build heat faster and weigh more and are not as power efficient as class D amps, though when your plugged into the wall socket for power this doesn't mean much.
  13. Think that's him, was an early review of the helix. Think he has a music store or does his vids in one, something about him have a rose in his mouth at start of the vid. Wonder if line6 took the effect off. Or if the guy on the vid just assumed the helix had a plimsoul. Kinda sucks that I kept my ocd pedal and traded in my plimsoul.
  14. Yes line 6 has to get the bugs fixed. This is a really good product but I see line 6 making this platform more steady. Everyone in here knows this does not have the years put in that fractal has. Luckily this is on a different price range than axe fx and most people are giving the devs a chance to work out the small things. If done right we all will be happy with the helix. This just needs to happen before other brands hit this price point in this market. Boss/ Roland is due to put something new and to be honest the gt100 was pretty good and if they fired back with a new well polished unit right now with = dsp and a touch screen thing could be real close on sales. But I'm sure line 6 put in a lot of thought planning this move with the helix and I see them working on fixing the bugs and making the helix the best it can be to secure a solid foot hold on this level of the market.
  15. I traded a few of my pedals in to GC when I ordered this helix. Had a few I didn't use. Seen a vid that some guy in England did ( named captain). In vid they hooked up a plimsoul pedal just to show it could be done while at the same time the guy was saying the helix had a plimsoul. So I thought I would be ok trading mine in. Kinda missing that pedal now.
  16. Don't worry, they are most likely working on the next gen helix. Lol I couldn't hold that one back. Most likely busy with bug fixes:)
  17. Kinda wished you had kept that amp so I could buy it. Kinda a Mesa Mark fan here. O well lollipop happens. Just hooked up. Helix+engl+Marshall cab in stereo, think we have a winner here. Not best for stereo ( speakers are to close) but it has a killer sound. Kinda what I was thinking, but I don't have room for two 4-12 cabs to make stereo right. Maybe two 1-12 cabs..............
  18. Other thing I think about is with the pa and monitors they have tweeters/ horns. Not sure if I like that sound. No guitar amp I have ever owned had a form of tweeter. I have seen highs on bass amps/cabs but I don't play bass.
  19. I kinda got the impression that the jbl's are not flat. My KRK vxt4 don't seem to have a flat eq either. Midrange is brought out a lot in them
  20. eenymason I had a mark iv combo once that had the black shadow and it sounded amazing on cleans. The single coil pick ups on my usa standard Strat most likely helped. Shame I got rid of the Strat.
  21. jar1zx

    Crank it up!

    Mine sounds ok cranked, guess it depends on how your powering your sound. I've caught my studio monitors breaking up a little at higher volume but my Engl tube power amp ( no pre amp) does great loud. I'm about to step up my speakers on it. I'm still learning about pro audio, I'm great with car audio but that's a different world. I see some things that are the same in both. Signal+ amp+ speakers. If you get a good set up in this chain your off to a good start. Wish pro audio would show more specs like signal to noise ratio,, total harmonic distortion, dampening and so on. Again I have a lot to learn on this side of audio.
  22. Geeman you are most likely right about the mic'd cab ir that helix use. I'm kinda a tone freak and I like the best sound that I can get. And I just play guitar for my own enjoyment. I'll keep playing with this and in the meantime people who have the helix and are getting great sounds, post what gear your using so I can take ideas. For now I think if I get a great speaker set up on my Engl I will have something amazing. And so far with the tinkering I've done I love the helix in a stereo set up.
  23. I have the Helix and it's pretty nice. If I had the rack mount I would want the helix floor board. It's called marketing... But saving half price on some other floor board that will not do the things that the Helix's board will do isn't the best call. When your allready spending the money on the rack mount. Having to use masking tape and a marker would make me spend out the full price for the floor controller.
  24. Wow!!!! Really??? Everyone is using a line 6 speaker with their Helix?
  25. This is an idea I have. I love the sound of the orange single 12 sealed cab. Vintage 30 speaker. I'm thinking about making two single cabs (Orange clones) and using this set up with my Engl, Crown or Yamaha amps. I have a pa set up with mixer if I need to use it.
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