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  1. +1 I have been running 844s 6 months and will continue to do so. Very nice low break point. Good touch response.
  2. Parts availability is a deal breaker for my future purchases of line6 gear.
  3. Having use as a bluetooth tune blaster makes it a good idea for kids that may lose interest in playing guitar. Does indeed cover two bases and I'd probably consider buying it for my beginner kid. Too bad the hype was not about some improvement in the state of the art rather than a de-evolutionary product as far as a guitar amp is concerned. I really expected more than a last generation guitar processor combined with a bluetooth stereo. But that is just my perspective.
  4. Really?? Hyperbolized de-evolution? Line6 the Fisher Price of music gear? Hoped for something more.
  5. Radatats, my experience was they indeed broke up at a lower volume and sounded tight and transparent. Good clean tones too. Which is what I was after, so I like them. I could not pull them to normal el84 bias range and so I am not sure if that makes them a bad idea to run. I did not test for the effect of bias setting on tone.
  6. no one but me dumb enough to try el844s in dt25
  7. anyone try el844s in der dt25? bias voltz? Tone? i tried them and wouldn't know shizz from shinola! Didn't blow up tho...
  8. immmm close enough for jazz.. far too good for rock.. Shuddup and play yer gittar as FZ would say.. Sorry, but I really think talent is greater than gear..
  9. It was a positive post. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am very happy with the new models.
  10. Lets see: New free guitars? Hmmmmmmm.. Ummmm.... THANKS!!!
  11. This seems to me to be a big step in the right direction for Line6. I like the the most of the update as is and am tweaking as I go. Seems to be much more touch responsive and focused to my admittedly imperfect ear. Especially on high gain palm muting sounds. Thanks Line6 for the support.
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