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  1. I used this one and it was perfect. Fits my shortboard too.
  2. I am actually using the effects on my Spider Valve 112 plus the effects in the FX100 to get additional layering like doubling up the delay, adding in a tremolo with the flanger to get some really thick sounds. I even do some amp switching on the SV just to get fatter sounds. Haven't tried to do any of the amp switching playing live and have only gigged twice with the FX100 so still trying to figure out how to hit the foot switches at the right times and orders. Have been writing it all out first for now. Can't do live with the iPhone. Looks dumb to do that onstage.
  3. So, should I be plugging entirely through effects loop or plug amp in and effects loop out?
  4. I didn't think two delays was a option unless one of them is dual delay which is more of a single effect than truly two delays. If you are running through an amp with effects, you can use the delay there otherwise you will need an additional stomp box. Running through mutliple delays is how Brian May gets his harmonizing sounds.
  5. Well, I do have the phones in the headphone adapter of the FX100 dude. That is the problem. I can hear my iphone music but not my guitar.
  6. App always says yahoo, do you want to update although I already did and everything works as advertised so I don't know why the app does not know that i updated already. I just ignore it.
  7. Have my guitars through AB box directly into guitar in on FX100. Have the new software on the FX100. Can control it just fine from my iPhone. What I am not getting on my headphones is the sound of the guitar and only getting right speaker. I am using Beats studio quality headphones that certainly get both sides when running straight into my headphones from the iPhone so what is happening. I am plugged directly into the main on my Spider Valve 112. I was hoping I could practice without disturbing everyone all the time as my amp has no headphone out.
  8. Lot of people looking. No suggestions. None of the online patches are any good for queen/Brian May. I know he does delay ovelays but that isn't possible without a second delay. I'm trying to avoid adding secondary delays and harmonizers to get this sound but I might have no choice.
  9. Just want to let everyone know that all is working great now. I can edit just fine through the midi cables and spider valve edit.
  10. This may be an impossible problem but I am trying to get some Brian May settings into my spider Valve MK II but have difficutly because everywhere I check for these settings nothing coincides with the settings on the Spider Valve. I assume AC30 but amber or blue, distortion again I assume should be tube screamer. Here is where I have problems. Most settings want you to phase and harmonize. Not possible I don't think. Any ideas?
  11. Every time I try to install a flash memory uopdate either through the FBV shortboard or directly through midi to the amp it gives me code 800000A and will not install. This is with restarting the amp in boot mode, restarting computer, every which way nothing works. Any help?
  12. Uber, I will try that again but, to date, have never gotten a response from Line6 even with a trouble ticket. That is why I try to get some info here. Believe me, I appreciate the help here.
  13. Uber Guru, It actually says in the Line 6 edit program that you can connect using a midi port directly to the amp. I just can't seem to get the amp to recognize the editor program. Is there a trick to doing this? I have a shotboard MKII FBV but I get a software issue every time I try to connect the computer. It tells me to load a missing program but there are no missing programs so I am at a loss. I wish Line6 would actually support their software or hardware instead of expecting everyone on line to do it for them.
  14. When I downloaded some patches to use with the editor program, they show tube screamer in FX1. That isn't available, so what duplicates the sound on the amp?
  15. Can the midi input be used with the eidtor program for spider valve MKII? I can get the program running with a midi connection and it recognizes the amp but when I try to send a patch nothing happens. So, is the only way to edit the amp from the front face because this is really tedious and you can't download anyone else's patches to the amp.
  16. I think I have finally narrowed down the problem I have had with connecting my computer to use the editor. The USB plug does not fit in snugly as it is smaller than the plug itself so it comes loose very easily. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an easy solution. The manual just says use a USB connector but they are basically printer USB connectors and smaller than the port.
  17. This does not work. It still says unidentified author and won't let you install it. I don't think it is Mavericks compatible.
  18. Does anyone from Line6 look at these boards? A little help here would be appreciated. It is a pain in the lollipop to manually edit programs.
  19. Same problem here. It says unidentified author then won't install. Can't use computer to edit Spider Valve without this program.
  20. I am trying to hook up my computer for the first time to board. Plug the USB cable in but the board doesn't recognize it. I am using a Macbook Pro running Mavericks. What am I doing wrong. Can't update Line 6 Monkey because no matter what update I run it asks me to run it again. Help. Not what I signed up for. And is there an editor for the Spider Mark II here somewhere?
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