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  1. No squeak as such, but I have had to adjust the tightness of the assembly to get it to function correctly. Rather than using lots of WD40 (which should work for a simple squeak but bad for electronics) try loosening and re-tightening the pivot assembly.
  2. Ping pong is a single delay that bounces left then right. Stereo delay is two separate delay signals, one left, one right. So you could have a fast repeat on the left, and a slow repeat on the right. You need two amps or stereo speakers to take advantage of these effects which I highly recommend.
  3. I think this depends on whether you are editing a FH tone on the unit, or one from "my tones". I.e. If you select a patch on the FH unit, edit it and then save, it will duplicate in "my tones". However if you start by selecting the tone from "my tones", edit and save, it will update not duplicate, however your tone on your FH unit will remain unchanged because you are editing the cloud copy only. This is obviously a bit annoying so I only edit and update "my tones". Only when I'm happy will I then save each to the FH.
  4. Thanks, yes that sounds like a smarter way of doing it. So treating "my tones" as the master file instead of treating the tones on the FH device as the master. I'll give it a go. Cheers.
  5. I am always tweaking my tones but I am finding the FH process a little clunky. Here's how I do it: Connect my iPad to FH, select the patch using the FH foot switch, and wait for the iPad to load it up. I make the tweaks, and then hit the share button and tap 'Save to FH device". I am then asked if I want to save to My Tones. If I tap "yes" then I end up with multiple tones in My Tones, all named the same, with nothing to distinguish them without going into each. It's like a poor attempt at version control but without the means of sorting the versions. Basically I just want to keep only the current version. Is there a better way to tweak tones without creating long lists of similar tones?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, yes I am, but that's not it. The volume drops and then comes back to normal after a second with no intervention from me.
  7. OK. Firmware is confirmed as 1.20 so it's not that, BUT I have discovered that this problem only happens when switching between the patches I have created. It does not happen to the presets that came loaded with the device. The output levels of the patches are similar. What could that mean? A bluetooth syncing issue (note I didn't have my phone or iPad running when I tested this time), corrupt patches, or something else?
  8. I'm guessing the issue here is two-fold. 1) DSP. On the POD HD you can set up what you want but limited by DSP power. The Firehawk limits the block set up, but you don't run into DSP issues. 2) secondly and probably most importantly, product differentiation. If Firehawk didn't have the limits, who would buy Helix?
  9. It would be close. It is a very significant lag and totally ruins the impact of changes patches mid-song. It's as if the signal cuts out. That said, I don't think it happens *every* time. I'll test further and come back.
  10. Hi there, Purchased my Firehawk on the weekend and before doing anything I downloaded and installed the latest firmware. So far so good. Now it's up to date and I can set up patches easily, but there is a significant volume drop when switching patches for approx 1 second before returning to normal volume. As you can imagine this is very frustrating and must be a bug. Can anyone advise if this is normal/expected, or what can be done to resolve it?
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