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  1. That "pop" is the same sound that I hear when changing between some patches. I've previously called it "explosive" because it is a massive crack that sounds like an electrical fault and if you're anywhere near the speakers it can hurt your ears. It's that loud. The only way I've been able to fix it is to rebuild patches from scratch. Interesting that it might be the compressor, I hadn't picked up on that link previously. If that's what it is, I'll just remove the compressor from each patch. It's overrated anyway.
  2. Yes this is true, I had forgotten that. But I rarely use any of those parameters, I find them too subtle to be worth the effort. Those parameters are available on all the amps on the POD not just the extra packs.
  3. "HD" is just the fairy dust that Line 6 adds to enhance the marketability of the product and IMO they sound/behave no better than any other amp models.
  4. I doubt it. But don't some already exist just under a different name? E.g the 5150 is called Panama in the Pod metal pack, on FH it is called Mississippi Criminal. In this example, the FH version is much better anyways...
  5. The cabs and (some) amps are different. I personally preferred the cabs that came with POD, but there are new FHFX cabs that I like too so no big deal. What I found frustrating when switching to FHFX is that I had a great LIne 6 Elektrik tone dialled in on my POD which I cannot replicate on the FHFX, even with the exact same settings. But on the flip side I have created some brilliant new tones on the FHFX with hi gain amps that I couldn't do on the POD, even with the Metal Pack added.
  6. The FHFX was four years younger, contained new HD models including several other new amps plus new effects. The "new" POD had the same old amps and appeared to be using the same old firmware and of course the UI on the POD looks like it's from the 1980s. The Bluetooth/iOS system didn't exist on the POD and was being promoted by Line6 as the next big thing. I only thing I knew I was giving up by moving to FHFX was dual paths but that didn't bother me too much. Pricing was about the same. The FHFX form factor was all in one, so overall, it seemed like an obvious upgrade and a step towards Helix. As xmacvicar says, it is usually assumed that with new products you get all the old features, PLUS new features. But of course, companies don't highlight what they've taken away unless there is a direct benefit.
  7. While silverhead is correct in saying they are two different products for different markets, that's not always how the customer sees it. E.g. I "upgraded" from my Pod HD with Shortboard to the newer FHFX and was disappointed. Sure there are some good features on the FH, like coloured LEDs and editing on iPad (when it works) and there are some new amps, but it is less stable. The sound "artefacts" and frequent app crashes are annoying to say the least. The POD gives you much more complex tone modelling but it is a little more difficult to edit on the unit or PC compared to iPad. So in a nutshell, if you like simple editing (from which you can still get some great tones BTW), and play without the iOS app connected and editing on the fly, the FHFX will be fine. If you like complex modelling and more stability then go for the POD HD.
  8. I've had this issue on iOS. Have to "forget" the device and reconnect. Pain in the ...
  9. You can do that on a Pod HD using a Shortboard, but not on the FH. The closest thing to snapshots on the FH is to save your "snapshots" to adjacent patches between A and D and move between them. Though you'll get the dreaded gap of death when you switch.
  10. Yes it is complicated, not well thought out at all. When you turn on the FH, you are using the tones on the FH itself, not the app, even if you have it on and connected via Bluetooth. This is true also as you change tones using the foot switches. If you start to edit the tone and save, you will duplicate the tone in MYTones. Hence my tip is to load up the tone from MyTones on the app, then edit and save, then Save to FH. This way avoids duplicating the tone in the app, but you then have to save a copy to the FH if you want to use your feet. Either way, you have to do two actions. Editing from the FH requires you to delete a duplicate in MyTones, editing via MYTones requires you to save a copy back to the FH. There is no master edit/save process that does both. God my brain hurts just thinking about it.
  11. Yes it takes a bit of getting used to. I normally switch tones using my feet so I end up playing the FH version by default. I have to force myself to remember that if I want to tweak the tone, I have to load up the MyTones version first, then save to FH. I think this is a CX design fault, but the Line6 developers would call it a "feature". Ha.
  12. Guys, see here...
  13. Same for me. IPad 2 on a stand right above the firehawk. The Bluetooth connection drops out a lot, and the Bluetooth light on the fire hook flashes. Then when it reconnects, it re-syncs everything. As a side note, with an iPad 2 you can't have the latest iOS version. Apple gently encourages you to upgrade your device to access that!
  14. Create a second account, and create your new tones there. So you are just swapping between accounts when you log in. Or use a naming convention: name all band 1's tones "1-........" and band 2's "2-.......". That way, they are at least grouped together in MyTones.
  15. Yes there is an audible gap when changing patches. Much greater than on older line 6 equipment and other brands as well. Ideally there should be no gap and also you should have the option for the effects of the first patch to trail into the second.
  16. The vague statement that the patch fixes "various bugs and improvements" doesn't really help. Does anyone know what the actual fixes are? None of the issues I experience have changed since updating to v1.30 e.g latency and explosive sound "artefacts" between changing patches. Could one of the Line 6 experts perhaps weigh in here and advise the forum what has changed? Thanks.
  17. Allen key. Then, a drop of oil. Should do the trick, and if that doesn't work you can then return it.
  18. It would be good to be able to swap the switch rows but as you can't here's what I've done. I set the normal tone on switch A, I then copy the tone but with the desired extra effect(s) to switch B. So all I have to do is move between A and B (or C and D) to toggle effects on/off.
  19. Sounds like the software and hardware are developing at different rates. I.e. Line 6 has developed a great operating system, but that doesn't matter if you've only got a Commodore 64 to run it on. Maybe a bit harsh, but many industries suffer from this...
  20. Thanks everybody, I hope you are all right. And I do like the look of the Shuriken variax. Just a shame it doesn't have a tremolo.
  21. Thanks requietus666. That's interesting to note about snapshots and I will read up about it further but I don't think that's the solution i'm looking for. I often switch between acoustic with Piezo via the FX loop to full blown high gain distortion. Programming a snapshot to achieve that would be very convoluted. It also strikes me as odd that there is no audible delay in snapshots but there is between patches. Seems to be a shortcoming, and the presenter's view that that's just how DSP works in all effects units is incorrect. By the way, there is a snapshot-type function on the pod HD, you can program several effects to toggle on and off simultaneously using the stomp switches. Maybe not as fancy as helix but you could do it. Cheers.
  22. I used to own a Pod HD with floorboard and was really happy with it until I saw something shiny and "upgraded" to a Firehawk FX. The FH FX is a great concept but I've been really disappointed mostly by the latency when switching patches. There is a large gap of silence, even after the v1.2 update, that just didn't exist on the Pod. The Helix LT looks perfect for me, but I've seen exactly the same latency issues as the FH FX on various YouTube vids and the like. This is a deal breaker, I won't buy Helix if this exists. Can someone please confirm whether this latency when switching patches has been fixed on Helix, or am I going back the old non-shiny-but-perfectly-good Pod HD? Thanks, Jamie
  23. Firehawk is abandoned? Maybe. But now I'm abandoning firehawk. I've tried it for a year now and it's a great concept but it just doesn't deliver. The tones are not as natural as my old POD HD and it just isn't reliable. Bluetooth drop outs, latency, and explosive sounds. I gave it a real go, but I'm out, sorry.
  24. It isn't just the Bender effect that does this. Some the Mod effects also mess up the signal when you adjust the mix. Don't know why, sorry.
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