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  1. So here is a weird thing with the Helix and I've had this issue myself....try it again but in a different USB port on your computer and/or a different cable. More specifically use a USB 2.0 port. I had the same issue at one point and stumbled on a youtube video where someone said they had to do that to resolve the issue....low and behold it work. Both my Helix and PowerCab will only work for updates or using editors on the USB 2.0 ports on the back of my PC. Any on the front and any of my 3.1s on the back will not work.
  2. I have a 212 plus. With nothing connected but the power cable there is a low hiss/white noise. It stays the same level no matter what you turn the volume knobs. I don't notice when playing.....only when not.
  3. Window -> Command Center. It's the 2 buttons that default to bank up and down if you're in 8 stomp mode.
  4. I run my helix with snapshots and 10 stomp buttons on stomp mode. I use most of the stomp mode to control my digitech whammy dt. When you open the command center editor for midi control in HX edit, the naming and color assignment options are missing from the first buttons of each row bit present on all others. This is not the case with the previous editor. Bug or just an accidental oversight?
  5. Proud owner of a helix and what a beast it is. When I unboxed the unit it was super hot from sitting in the ups truck all day. The scribble strips seemed to have popped up a bit but have since settled after cooling off. I noticed there is dust under one of the screens. Has anyone had this and is there a safe way of cleaning the incased side of the screens? Thanks.
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