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  1. Hi, thanks. I have the HX STOMP, yes. And what about HELIX LT or HELIX FLOOR? Do they have Command Center now? Or they too need 3.0 update? Thanks
  2. My goal is to use my helix to send one different midi program change message to my midi amplifier (Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister DeLuxe40) for each single snapshot of the same preset. Example: HELIX PRESET 1: - SNAPSHOT 1 send midi program change to my midi amplifier to it's preset 10 - SNAPSHOT 2 send midi program change to my midi amplifier to it's preset 15 - SNAPSHOT 3 send midi program change to my midi amplifier to it's preset 20 and so on I own a Helix HX and I tried but I think that it’s impossibile. If I’ buy an Helix LT or a HELIX FLOOR should this be possible? I too bought an external Midi Pedalboard (Melo Audio Midi Commander) but it seem it do not work too... Thank you
  3. Try to reset everything and then connect again (without wi-fi). To me it work perfectly: no connection when wi-fi is ON, connected when wi-fi is OFF
  4. You have to exit your WI-FI connection before connecting bluetooth to Firehawk. Try, it works to me
  5. Hi. I continue to have the same problem. I did some pedal calibrations, I did a factory restore, I have the last update version. But I still continue to have the same problem. Some patches volume sometime change without any apparent reason. What can I do now?? Please LINE6, tell me, thanks. I like LINE6 concept and technology but I think that LINE6'd do a better and longer testing period before selling electronics all over the world. I had a lot of problems with mixer STAGESCAPE M20D, and I continue to have them (I must use it only at home). I had a lot of problems with a VARIAX guitar (I had to sell it) and now I have some strange problems with FIREHAWK (sometimes some "Load error 21" and now this volume problem). Why spent money for a non affordable project??
  6. Hi, I have the same problem, but only at home. When I play in some other places there is no hiss, the effects are very quite. It is due to electrical interferences. Try to use something to clean electricity.
  7. Hi, after some weeks of use I had the same error 21 today for the first time... with the latest firmware.. It happened when, instead of saving edited tones only on firehawk - as usual - I asked to save to 'my tones' too... I do not have this problem if I save edited tones only to Firehawk... and next to my tones..
  8. Thanks Silverhead, now everything works well
  9. Hi, I have the same problem and I can't find where to download the asio driver on the website.. do you have the link? Tks very much
  10. I think it's a problem due to the many iphone/ipad bluetooth or wifi connections. I have this problem especially when I play near a wifi doubler. As soon as I put off the wifi connection on my iphone, everything work perfectly. Try on your device
  11. Hi mcbeddall, thanks, maybe double convertion, I'll try the usb out.. Hi silverhead, yes, output was already correctly set as line, thanks
  12. Hi, I bought a Firehawk some days ago just to do some studio recordings without my amp and my live set-up, because I read many good reviews about this pedalboard. Infact I appreciated most of the clean effects of the Firehawk (except the fact that the most of them are mono, not stereo), anyway I did some good clean/crunch/dist presets that seemed to play very well into some professional headphones. But when into the recording studio, some distortions (stompboxes and amps simulations) sounded really strange, others really unreal and not usable!!! I was using some clean amps simulation with some distortion stomp boxes, and the pedalboard was connected through stereo xlr outputs direct to recording... How is it possible?? Did someone had similar problems? Sometime I think that probably all these simulations added together (amp + stompboxes) may change so much the final sound of the guitar that it finish to become unreal and synthetic... and unplayble.. What's your experience...
  13. I like very much the M13 concept of different stomp boxes instead of presets... Ok, I'll ceck the space :-) Thanks very much
  14. Is it possible to connect two M13 using send/return jacks to have 8 fx at once?
  15. did you save your scene and your setup after each change?
  16. Hi mncanuck, great new! thanks very much! I've read all manuals and documents about m20d, and I follow this forum every day bu I did not see this information. Great work! Thanks
  17. http://www.silicon-power.com/product/product_detail.php?main=10&sub=73&pro=162&currlang=utf8
  18. I've just tried to record all 20 channels for more than one hour to a SP SILICON POWER 32GB USB STICK and it work perfectly!
  19. HELP REQUEST TO LINE6 STAFF: could you please tell us the minimum requirements for recording on HARD DISK or on USB STICK? We know minimum requirements about recording on SD CARD (it must be class 10), but we do not have idea about minimum recording on HARD DISK or US STICK. Thanks very much
  20. What I said is tech correct. I mean distortion when the clipping sound go to the speaker at high level. In this case clipped sound can be dramatic for speakers. It's obvious that we are talking about very high power levels, and that limiters must be calibrated.
  21. Yes, I find the limiter absolutely necessary to save audience and speakers in case of distortion. But I find great the compressor too because it make the overall live sound more similar to a processed music of a cd, with a little less dynamic but more suitable for ears.
  22. The mixer automatically remember into its flash memory the last setup and scene used even if you did not save them. It takes all data waiting to be saved. Even if you turn it off, you'll find the same setup/scene turning it on again. But if you, before saving, extract or change the sd card, or load a new setup, all data that were into the flash memory waiting to be saved 'll be lost. In the previous forum this problem was discussed a lot and someone from line6 said that the solution was to have always at last one setup and one scene saved. He said that it is a good rule to do all sound and immediately save one setup and one scene. Since I follow this suggestion I've never lost one track.
  23. Did you have one saved scene into your saved set-up?? In my experience you ALWAYS MUST save at least one SCENE for each SET-UP. And everything work perfectly. Now as soon as I prepare a band on my m20d, I save one scene into my set-up. And if I do some recordings, I know that each recording is usable ONLY into the setup + scene where it was done. I hope that the next update'll do these things automatically. About the recording/listening level, I want to say that the real clipping limit is about +15db reading on the channel vu-meter. So after you found the correct gain and do all tweaking, you can turn your channel volume up until reading on the channel led scale a maximum of about +15db or 1/2 db less. Do the same on the master level volume. You'll have all available dynamic into your speakers and a good recording level. I hope you'll find good these suggestions
  24. hi friends, is there anybody that know how to use the DYNAMIC EQUALIZER? thanks
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