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  1. Hi @brywool I am on Monterey 12.6.1 Workbench HD 2.15.0 Everything is working. What exactly isn't working for you?
  2. I read the Mission Engineering EP1-L6 is a Cry Baby with other potis - can I change them by myself, which one do i need?
  3. Hi, is it possible to use the original Dunlop Cry Baby as Exp 2 (to control all the other Wahs and the Exp 2 functions)? (I know I can use it as send return by itself). Thanks and greetings
  4. Hi, I wanna renew the Variax Sounds to Firmware - just to be sure, everything is ok. I only find instructions via Monkey using google - but that is old, isn't it? What have I to do? Thanks and greetings
  5. Hello, I did a preset using a Double Take. I felt like it sounds better using a Stereo Width in the end of the chain with invert the phase. Snapshot Rhythm = both on - Snapshot Lead = both off. Question: When I hear that Lead-snapshot over mono in-ears I can hear like a reverb only. If I switch the phase back to normal everything is fine. I understand why, but I wonder this effect while Stereo Width is off in the Lead-snapshot … Who can help me wondering …?
  6. ... ok - found something in the settings of Logic. Settings - Midi - Input - disabled the Helix - now it's gone
  7. Hi, when I connect my Helix LT to my new Mac Studio by USB and use Logic Pro X (to level the meters) the display on the Helix switches every second between "Home-" and "Stompmode" when I play the guitar. Strange, isn't it? Any ideas?
  8. I by myself managed meanwhile to dial in a good tone with the Martins by using EQs (and the Preamp) on the Helix. But I hear something strange using the F212 - do you mean that? Also I like the magnetic pickups of my JTV 69 S TS more than the Spank-Model.
  9. Hello, how can I bring the strings closer to the fretboard? Variax JTV 69s thanks
  10. The simulations are the same. I chosed one with strat-like-pickups because I didn't had one of these, but some hum-ones. I use the mag pickups a lot.
  11. Hello, I did one preset tuning my Variax down by the Helix. I use "per preset" (not "global") My question: If I call another preset, there are some in which the Variax keeps untuned (I feel it's not in every case - that's why I am wondering - but I'm not sure) I can set "Custom" in the Variax Tuning area - then it works. But is that the right way to do it? I would have to check every single preset now and change to "Custom"? Thanks for ideas.
  12. josephship434 asked what can you do with two amps in a preset - this is on way. I use it when I play When I come around by Greenday - Intro only one amp - after the drum-break/Bassguitar-Fill-In both amps (I don't pan it hard - it's not to flash the audience - but the sound is different - kind of just nice - no science)
  13. One more: I am the only guitarist in my band. You can start a song by using amp1 and switch on amp2 at a point - so you simulate a second guitarist starts playing now (the same accords). You should pan right / left for this effect.
  14. as hurghanico said. If you wanna hear it via Computer - maybe while playing to an audio track running in PC - you need an audio-interface, which is connected to PC by USB and to the POD by XLR.
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