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  1. My favorites are US Custom and UK custom, I like combining them in different ways. Friedman is good but I really like the Custom ones. I guess it depends if your going for more modern or classic metal high gain.
  2. I highly recommend trying the 3 Sigma IRs. They are amazing for high gain.
  3. Yeah I don't think you can do that, it would be a nice feature to help organize the IRs.
  4. I had the same problems figuring how to balance the channel volumes in the patches with the top level knob. I think my channel volumes were too high and I heard clipping also. I now have the channel volume between 4-5.5 on most patches. I generally have my master volumes around 4 or 5 if its a master volume amp. I leave my top level volume knob about 3 oclock with these settings when sending to my studio monitors.
  5. This really helped me with my clipping problem to my Yamaha HS8 studio monitors.
  6. The 3 Sigma IRs will be a big improvement. I wasn't really feeling that I was getting close to the tones of my real tube amps until I invested in some IRs from Rosen and 3 Sigma. Now I feel like I am super close if not better than the tones I can get from my tube amp.
  7. I had the POD HD and currently have a Helix. The POD HD was just ok for me with headphones, the Helix sounds amazing through the same headphones. It was a big upgrade especially now that I use 3 Sigma IRs.
  8. Weird I downloaded the Metallica patches and they don't sound anything like the videos in my headphones, I guess I will try them in my studio monitors tomorrow. I don't know whats up but honestly the preset patches from the Helix sound way better to me then most of the custom tones I have downloaded also. I guess I will just stick to making my own for now on.
  9. Basically what I want is to be able to copy paste just amp settings without cabs. Or to disable cabs on the amp plus cab so it becomes amp only.
  10. I mostly want the amp settings from the presets I don't care about the rest of the patch. The presets do a good job of setting levels for amps to their ideal state.
  11. I noticed most of the presets are the combined amp+cab, this makes them kind of a pain to quickly switch out to use a favorite IR while keeping the amp settings. Is there a quick way to bypass the cab so that I can use an IR, or quickly change the amp+cab to just amp and keep the amp settings. I would like a way to quickly compare the stock cab with an IR but when patches are built in this way it makes it difficult. I am thinking of adding this to ideascale. Is this a pain for everyone else?
  12. I just recently got some HS8 studio monitors. For my high gain tones I had to do a low cut up to 125Hz, a huge boost around 8 kHz, I also boosted some mids. I ended up using 2 Parametrics and a High and Low cut EQ at the end of my chain. When I need to use in my headphones, I made a high cut around 10kHz.
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