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  1. AtomicBlaze

    Helix sounds like I'm playing in a box?

    My favorites are US Custom and UK custom, I like combining them in different ways. Friedman is good but I really like the Custom ones. I guess it depends if your going for more modern or classic metal high gain.
  2. AtomicBlaze

    Helix sounds like I'm playing in a box?

    I highly recommend trying the 3 Sigma IRs. They are amazing for high gain.
  3. AtomicBlaze

    cant drag and drop impulses

    Yeah I don't think you can do that, it would be a nice feature to help organize the IRs.
  4. AtomicBlaze

    Top Volume Knob and Clipping?

    I had the same problems figuring how to balance the channel volumes in the patches with the top level knob. I think my channel volumes were too high and I heard clipping also. I now have the channel volume between 4-5.5 on most patches. I generally have my master volumes around 4 or 5 if its a master volume amp. I leave my top level volume knob about 3 oclock with these settings when sending to my studio monitors.
  5. AtomicBlaze

    Alesis Alpha 112 Fizz

    This really helped me with my clipping problem to my Yamaha HS8 studio monitors.
  6. AtomicBlaze

    Just tried Red Wire IRs - Helix Heaven

    The 3 Sigma IRs will be a big improvement. I wasn't really feeling that I was getting close to the tones of my real tube amps until I invested in some IRs from Rosen and 3 Sigma. Now I feel like I am super close if not better than the tones I can get from my tube amp.
  7. AtomicBlaze

    Helix and Headphone vs Pod HD500x Headphones

    I had the POD HD and currently have a Helix. The POD HD was just ok for me with headphones, the Helix sounds amazing through the same headphones. It was a big upgrade especially now that I use 3 Sigma IRs.
  8. AtomicBlaze

    Bypass cab that in amp+cab to use IR

    Nice thanks for the tip!
  9. AtomicBlaze

    Metallica through the ages with Helix

    Weird I downloaded the Metallica patches and they don't sound anything like the videos in my headphones, I guess I will try them in my studio monitors tomorrow. I don't know whats up but honestly the preset patches from the Helix sound way better to me then most of the custom tones I have downloaded also. I guess I will just stick to making my own for now on.
  10. AtomicBlaze

    Bypass cab that in amp+cab to use IR

    Basically what I want is to be able to copy paste just amp settings without cabs. Or to disable cabs on the amp plus cab so it becomes amp only.
  11. AtomicBlaze

    Bypass cab that in amp+cab to use IR

    I mostly want the amp settings from the presets I don't care about the rest of the patch. The presets do a good job of setting levels for amps to their ideal state.
  12. AtomicBlaze

    Bypass cab that in amp+cab to use IR

    I noticed most of the presets are the combined amp+cab, this makes them kind of a pain to quickly switch out to use a favorite IR while keeping the amp settings. Is there a quick way to bypass the cab so that I can use an IR, or quickly change the amp+cab to just amp and keep the amp settings. I would like a way to quickly compare the stock cab with an IR but when patches are built in this way it makes it difficult. I am thinking of adding this to ideascale. Is this a pain for everyone else?
  13. AtomicBlaze

    Help dialing in pick attack\dynamics

    I just recently got some HS8 studio monitors. For my high gain tones I had to do a low cut up to 125Hz, a huge boost around 8 kHz, I also boosted some mids. I ended up using 2 Parametrics and a High and Low cut EQ at the end of my chain. When I need to use in my headphones, I made a high cut around 10kHz.