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  1. Got the iphone 12 and tried to use the app and it won't connect. The Blutooth connects but when the app is open it says device not connected and freezes. I have two amplifi amps and I'd be extremely upset if I cannot edit.
  2. Still nothing. Boot failure. Entered Update Mode!
  3. Help. My Helix floor unit is dead. The screen reads "Boot Failure. Entered Update Model". Won't boot up holding down F9 and F10 or F5 and F6 or anything. Dead dead dead. Also a red 0 on the top left of the screen. :( :( :angry:
  4. rng52465

    Problem FW2.01

    I tried updating, resetting and I'm only getting a Boot Failure message. HELP!!!
  5. rng52465

    2.0 freezing?

    When I scroll through my presets, it freezes at a certain one and nothing responds. Any advice?
  6. NEW THING by Enuff Z Nuff!!!!
  7. What are the extensions for the Pro X for individual patches, bundles and setlists? Thanks.
  8. There are no tones listed presently for the ProX, and when you check the compatibility box, it is still empty. Are the HD Pro or 500X patches compatible?
  9. I tried to do this last night and it sounded really bad. I switched the XLR to the balanced mono on the Pro and the input on the L2M and it sounded a little better. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to turn off the cab sims? Do I put the DSP on the L2M to Line or Electric Guitar? Help!!!!
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