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  1. to be honest i dont know what any of them do. i can tell the difference with SAG and BIAS but dont know what they actually do
  2. thanks man! and my screamer is at 0 gain and 100 output! I'll run through this list and see what i come out with! PS. What the F#£$ does "Hum" even do? I've never noticed a difference either way i put it!
  3. https://myspace.com/daniel.kavanagh/mixes/streammix-210/photo/28594794 thats the best i can do
  4. I have a screen shot ready, but i dont know how to attach it to the post? im not a forum person, i have no idea what im doing, i just need help.
  5. Bro my gains at 50... im not an idiot.
  6. how do i do that? where would i find the patch files? I dont know anything about no flash memory updates? :/
  7. Im rewriting this post because im still having problems with my tone. I've gone through all the suggestions and nothings changed. The outputs is Studio/Direct and im using a low gain yet im still getting horrible fuzz over the top, ruining any clarity that was there. Here's a raw clip of the tone im getting: This particular clip was recorded with a cheap guitar but i have the same problem with any guitar i use! https://soundcloud.com/dan-kav/lollipop-tone If anyone can tell me why my tone is coming out at such bad quality i'd be extremely grateful!
  8. it happens with any guitar i use, so i can rule that out! thanks though!
  9. What exactly does the studio direct thing do? and yes im using cabs from the pod
  10. tomorrow i'll upload an unmixed clip of the tone i get to give you an idea of the problem!
  11. Ive done all that! im literally just using one channel! I've even unplugged an XLR from the back so its just the one channel going into the mixer! Im stuck for ideas!
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