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  1. Just a quick clarification question. I have an Eventide H9 connected to the FX loop of the HX stomp. Ideally I would like to enable kill dry on my H9 and blend the wet FX in like on a parallel effects loop, think GigRig Wetter Box or equivalent. Is this something that I can do with the Helix FX loop? If so is it as simple as turning the FX loop mix to 50%? Thanks
  2. On HX Stomp with firmware 2.92, when using with the HX Edit to make changes to patches; the settings don't stick or gets mixed up, especially the IR block. This is noticeable after tweaking, saving via HX Edit, and rebooting.
  3. A quick setup, I have the Helix Rack and am using it with other devices like the Eventide H9. I know that via midi I can send a PC to the H9 from Helix via the Command Center. My question is if I have an expression pedal connected to the Helix, in my case it would be via the Helix Control, would I be able to use that expression pedal to send a CC via midi to the H9 so that I can adjust (as an example) the delay feedback of a particular H9 preset? Thanks
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