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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to set up any sort of footswitch (maybe MIDI) to toggle through tones in Pod Farm? I have a ux1 running into a Mac Book Pro. I'm trying to make Pod Farm hands free. Let me know if you have any info. Thanks!
  2. tristanlray

    Pod Farm Working But Effects Not Playing

    Have you solved it yet? I'm having the same problem, but Reason only recognizes my UX1 (pod farm) when I set it up to read UX1 Input 3 or 4. Input's 1 and 2 aren't even recognized (no movement of sound bar). Not sure what's going on. Let me know what you did if you figured it out. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys. So I've been having some serious problems with my UX1 and Pod Farm. When I play into headphones, no problem. When I plug into an amp (UX1 Phones out>>Amp return input) or a DI running into a board and then a loudspeaker, my sound will cut in half and make this fluttery warbly sound. I have a friend that does the same thing but has no problem. Any ideas? My Pod Farm and Macbook Pro are both updated to the newest operating system and everything. Let me know if you can help. Thanks!